Google Pay officially launches as Android Pay replacement, starting in the US and UK
Previewed early last month, the Google Pay Android app is now available as a free Play Store download in lieu of the old Android Pay digital wallet service.
Google brings Android Pay and Google Wallet together under Google Pay banner
Google Pay is the new name for a long overdue combination of the search giant’s multiple payment platforms, including Google Wallet and Android Pay.
Google confirms: end of the road for Google Wallet card
Following rumors earlier this week, news of the June 30 Google Wallet card retirement has finally been made official.
Google looks like it’s getting ready to shut down physical Google Wallet card payments
Got a physical Google Wallet card? Your last chance to use it may be coming up soon, with evidence pointing to a June 30 shutdown date.
is android pay safe
Is Android Pay safe?
Ever since we’ve used money, people have tried to steal it. That’s even more true today than in prior years. NFC may address that, but is Android Pay safe?
is android pay safe
Android Pay feels like a downgrade from Google Wallet
Google is upgrading Google Wallet and replacing its NFC payment abilities with a new system: Android Pay. Does it restrict too much in the name of security?
Mobile-payment retail troublemaker finally learns to embrace Apple Pay, Google Wallet
Hear about the change of heart from Rite Aid regarding mobile payment retailer support, after blocking shoppers from using Apple Pay last year.
Google shows signs of moving away from Wallet in anticipation of Android Pay
We knew that Android Pay was coming, and now we’re starting to see some evidence of the inevitable Google Wallet retirement, at least for some purposes.
Google Wallet update delivers transaction search, location data
Discover how today’s Google Wallet history update brings powerful new tools for reviewing past transactions.
New Google mobile payment solution might skip NFC altogether
Hear how the in-development Google Plaso payments might change the way Wallet works.
Google Wallet goes all-in on Material Design in latest update
Discover what’s changing in the new Google Wallet update, with a refreshed UI and improved card-management tools.
Why have certain retailers started blocking NFC payments?
Wait, didn’t Google Wallet work at this CVS last week? Find out why companies are blocking NFC payments as a power play.
android wear still needs work
Android Wear two months later: what still needs work
It’s off to a great start but it is still is in its infancy. Here are a few things that Google & its partners need to work on to help Android Wear take off.
Has Isis found the key to mobile payments, and is it as simple as cash back?
Hear about all the ways Isis cash back is available to its users, and see if that might not be enough for the service to triumph over Google Wallet.
Google introduces physical Google Wallet card
For a while there it looked like the project was dead, but today we finally get confirmation of a physical Google Wallet card.
Android 4.4 is dismantling carrier power, piece by piece
Read how the latest Android build is shaping up to be a powerful tool in the ongoing battle of Google vs carriers in the US.
Google Wallet
Android 4.4 could bring Google Wallet mobile payments to any handset with NFC, carrier be damned
Hear what big changes to Kit Kat Google Wallet operation mean about the future of the NFC-based payment method.
What is iBeacon and why you should care
iBeacons enable micro-location and even automated payments protected behind a virtual geo-fences. But what are iBeacons, and will they replace NFC?
Why I don’t update apps
I don’t update apps, and maybe you shouldn’t either. Read why it’s gotten so difficult to trust that updates will really make our apps “better.”
Is the lack of Google Wallet support on the new Nexus 7 evidence Google’s abandoning the project?
Could this be the beginning of the end? Learn about the signs of Google Wallet dying, and what the new Nexus tablet has to do with all this.
Google Wallet
Is Google Wallet doomed?
I’ve been an advocate of using Google Wallet since I’ve been able to…