Google Pay integrated peer-to-peer payments, boarding passes

Users can split their bills easily right from the one app. Also, ticket vendors are rolling out support for ticket holding in the app.

Google Pay functionality infused into Google Assistant

For the time being, Google Assistant users will only be able to pull off peer-to-peer payments through their Android or iOS phones.

Google Pay officially launches as Android Pay replacement, starting in the US and UK

Previewed early last month, the Google Pay Android app is now available as a free Play Store download in lieu of the old Android Pay digital wallet service.

Google brings Android Pay and Google Wallet together under Google Pay banner

Google Pay is the new name for a long overdue combination of the search giant’s multiple payment platforms, including Google Wallet and Android Pay.

Android Messages updated with Google Wallet cash transfers

Video calls can be made through the app on Duo while Google Wallet can be used inside Android Messages to move money around.

Pay your share on a group Project Fi plan through Google Wallet

In addition to making paybacks easy, Project Fi has booted up a promo to get its customers to add people to their accounts with a bill discount.

Gmail receives support for easy, hassle-free money transfers on Android

It’s finally possible to send and receive payments through Gmail on Android devices in addition to computers, even without installing Google Wallet.

So Google Wallet is still alive, but now as more of a PayPal competitor

Learn more about the recent evolution that Google has made with Google Wallet, which now becomes more a PayPal competitor

Android Pay to stop supporting legacy cards from Google Wallet on October 15

If you’re one of the lucky ones that don’t have an Android Pay-supported card, but got on the Google Wallet train early, you won’t be on October 15.

Google confirms: end of the road for Google Wallet card

Following rumors earlier this week, news of the June 30 Google Wallet card retirement has finally been made official.

Google looks like it’s getting ready to shut down physical Google Wallet card payments

Got a physical Google Wallet card? Your last chance to use it may be coming up soon, with evidence pointing to a June 30 shutdown date.

Google Wallet learns to send funds with just a phone number – no email needed

See what’s changing for Google Wallet money transfers, so you can send cash to someone with only their phone number.
is android pay safe

Is Android Pay safe?

Ever since we’ve used money, people have tried to steal it. That’s even more true today than in prior years. NFC may address that, but is Android Pay safe?

Google Wallet still kicking, gets quick-lock feature and multiple bank support in new update

Find out what’s changed in the new Google Wallet update, delivering improved account support and security options.
is android pay safe

Android Pay feels like a downgrade from Google Wallet

Google is upgrading Google Wallet and replacing its NFC payment abilities with a new system: Android Pay. Does it restrict too much in the name of security?

New Google Wallet app pops up in preparation for Android Pay

A new Google Wallet app, different from the current one, has popped up in the Play Store, probably in preparation for the Android Pay launch.

Android Pay gets an ETA: two weeks to go

New rumors attempt to close in on a possible Android Pay start date, with a carrier leak suggesting Google could get things rolling on September 16.

Mobile-payment retail troublemaker finally learns to embrace Apple Pay, Google Wallet

Hear about the change of heart from Rite Aid regarding mobile payment retailer support, after blocking shoppers from using Apple Pay last year.

Google shows signs of moving away from Wallet in anticipation of Android Pay

We knew that Android Pay was coming, and now we’re starting to see some evidence of the inevitable Google Wallet retirement, at least for some purposes.

Android Pay won’t kill off Google Wallet; “brand new” app promised

Android Pay may be stealing all the headlines, but there’s a new Google Wallet app in the works, too, with some powerful features for non-users.

Google Wallet update delivers transaction search, location data

Discover how today’s Google Wallet history update brings powerful new tools for reviewing past transactions.

Android Pay API rumored for Google I/O launch

Find out what we’ve heard about plans for Android Pay, and what it could mean for Google Wallet as we now know it.

Softcard confirms plans to kill Windows Phone NFC mobile payment app

The Softcard Windows Phone app only just arrived to give users in the US access to mobile payments last fall, and it’s already being shut down.
Google Wallet

Google Softcard deal will pre-install Wallet on phones from major carriers

The new Google Wallet carrier deal puts an end to animosity with the carriers and Softcard.

Big Google Wallet push expected for I/O this spring

Hear why it’s looking like a big Google Wallet I/O announcement could be intended to get the service back on track.