Google Voice breaking up with Sprint on June 1

Google Voice numbers and Sprint numbers will be separately used from that date, but Google Voice can still at least be used *on* Sprint phones.

Free Google Home voice calls roll out, benefits for Google Voice and Project Fi users

Google Home owners can make calls with their device, but most won’t be able to link their phone number to it — except for Project Fi and Google Voice users.

Hangouts SMS finally hung up for most, still on for Project Fi and Google Voice

The exceptions are Google Voice users and Project Fi customers who can continue to route SMS/MMS through Hangouts. Others will have to move elsewhere.

Expect SMS in Hangouts to be gone by May 22

SMS in Hangouts gets out of Hangouts soon according to a letter to G Suite admins. But you may still cling on if you have Google Voice or Project Fi.

Google Voice and Project Fi to meet, or so it is said

What, really? Google Voice and Project Fi? Together at last? That’s the word after a revival of a service thought to be long dead.

Google Voice finally gets an update – app review (Video)

Google Voice is updated after a five-year standstill, and we weren’t able to resist the temptation of quickly reviewing the modernized app.

After five long and quiet years, Google Voice is updated with a new look

The surprise was ruined a couple of weeks back, but it’s still something else to see Google Voice updated and redesigned after half a decade of… nothing.

Showing off the HTC U Ultra, RIP Froyo, and some early MWC 2017 teasers | #PNWeekly 235

Plus, Huawei puts out the fuel for MWC as it’s rumored to dig deep into the past for a new release. That and a prepaid carrier discussion on our podcast!

Google Voice update might be coming in the near future, company confirms

Google confirmed that the company is working on some updates to Google Voice, but didn’t disclose any particular plans or timeframes.

T-Mobile DIGITS ups the ante on virtual number assignment

You can a number onto five devices and put five numbers onto one device. And you don’t even have to be on T-Mobile to even do so!

Version 11 of Hangouts ends SMS merged conversations

If you’ve got Google Voice integrated into Hangouts, your conversations list won’t be as neat going forward. SMS and Hangouts-based convos split apart.

Google Duo and Allo: The death of Google Voice?

Google’s new messaging and video calling services require your actual phone number. Is this the death of Google Voice?

Google Fiber Phone rolling out to go beyond the home

If you want to uncut that cord and get your home phone back, Google Fiber can pull a few tricks up from an old sleeve or two.
Google Project Fi

4 reasons I want to try Google’s Project Fi (and one reason I probably won’t)

Google’s Project Fi is a groundbreaking wireless carrier uniquely suited to my mobile needs, but there’s no way I’ll sign up for it in its current state.

First Google Project Fi invites go out, signup reveals Google Voice sacrifices

Learn what’s being revealed about Google Voice integration as the first Project Fi invites head out to users.

Sweeter Android, musical YouTube, Microsoft-ier Lumia | Pocketnow Weekly 122

If your top interests in this week’s news included the terms “Lollipop,” “Lumia,” or “YouTube Music Key,” the Pocketnow Weekly podcast is the show for you!

Google Voice expands upon last month’s MMS improvements

Google’s got news of a couple significant GV improvements, chief among them Verizon Google Voice MMS support.

Google Voice finally makes MMS support a priority

While there seem to be a few big holdouts, Google Voice MMS support has just exploded with nearly a hundred new carriers on board.

Google Voice begins integration with Hangouts

We’ve been talking about it happening for ages, and today the change begins: Google Voice Hangouts integration is underway.

Devices, debates, and whoops! – week 30 recap: week in review

Our week 30 recap spans the spectrum from Windows Phone to iPhone, flagships, not-so-flagships, and lively discussion. It’s all right here.

Google Voice coming to Hangouts: the good, the bad, the ugly

Google Voice coming to Hangouts will happen eventually, but what are the drawbacks, and why is it taking so long?

Galaxy S5 Prime review, custom Moto 360, luscious new Lumias & more! | Pocketnow Weekly 103 (Hangout)

It’s a Samsung-centric week, but there’s much more to this podcast than just a Galaxy S5 Prime review. Join us for much more mobile tech talk on Weekly 103!

Hangouts integration with Google Voice is nearly complete, suggests debug tool

A screen in Hangouts, revealed by an Android debugging tool, suggests that Hangouts Google Voice integration development has almost finished.

Google Voice may soon be absorbed into Hangouts

We may well be looking at the end of Google Voice as we know it, with suggestions that Hangouts isn’t just getting Voice support, but is swallowing it up.

Hangouts, other Google services down (no, it’s not just you)

Why can’t I send any IMs? Hear about the Google outage crippling Hangouts, Talk, and other services.