Google Translate Instant Camera gets better with the latest upgrade

The Google Translate Instant Camera feature has received some rather important functionality updates that make it smarter, faster, more accurate.

Local accents now recognized on Google Translate for iOS

To match its user base, Google Translate can now take in requests and output speech in several accents derived from four languages.

Google Pixel Buds are finally getting shipped

The Insta-Google Translate earbuds are finally coming near enough to hear. And it was only 5 weeks ago that pre-orders came in.

Chinese ODM made Google Pixel Buds, FCC docs say

Google came to HTC to make the Pixel 2 and went to LG for the Pixel 2 XL. It had several other products at the fore this month, including these earbuds.

Google Pixel Buds bring instant translation to life

Google’s first product in the portable Bluetooth audio category will help users instantly translate conversation in real-time.

In a paradox, Xfinity Mobile and YouTube TV launch | #PNWeekly 247

In this episode of our podcast, we also talk about Samsung’s good and bad with the Galaxy S8 and Tizen as well as Russo-Canadian cellphone spies…

Japanese Vaprilware: Google Translate bubble wrap input

The Google Japanese Input Puchi Puchi Version isn’t going to get mass produced, but you could get your hands into an Arduino board…

Now On Tap update brings instant translation

Need a screen translated in a snap. It could just be two taps away with Now on Tap. More robust search features are also in this update.

Google Translate for iOS gets offline, one tap away for Android

Android is getting the Tap to Translate, iOS now has Offline Mode and both Google Translate apps can now instantly translate real-world Chinese.

Google Translate turns ten, supports 103 languages, serves over 500 million people

To celebrate Google Translate turning ten years old, a recent post on Google’s official blog highlights the service’s many milestones.

Microsoft Translator Android app picks up image translation, more offline language packs

To better compete against Google Translate on more platforms, the Microsoft Translator app is updated with several new features on Android.

Google Translate finally learns to translate text within other apps

New Google Translate in-app support means that you can now translate text directly within other Android apps.

Google Translate gains new real-time language support

From seven to twenty-seven, Google Translate language support for its live augmented video mode is getting a major upgrade.