full coverage google search
Google Search gets Full Coverage to give you the complete picture of a news event
Full Coverage for Google Search on mobile devices is currently limited to the English language content for users based in the US only.
google search
Google Search gets an ‘About this result’ tool to help users assess the credibility of a source
The ‘About this result’ information box in Google Search will contain a brief introduction of that source/website pulled from Wikipedia.
google vaccination drive maps search
Google will turn some offices into vaccination sites while Maps will help find one
Aside from opening its infrastructure, Google is also pledging $150 million to promote vaccine education and ensure equitable distribution.
Google Search is getting a redesign on mobile
The new Google Search design on mobile, which rolls out in the coming days, cuts down on shadows and colors to focus on useful information.
Pocketnow Daily: Apple Silicon Macs Event LEAKED! (video)
On today’s Pocketnow Daily, we talk about the possible Apple Silicon Mac event, Samsung Galaxy S21 rumors, and more.
Google Search, Lens, and Maps get new features to make your pandemic life easier
Busyness information will now be shown directly on Google Maps without even searching for a place, and while on the move as well.
Google Vote
Google Assistant and Search get new features to help voters
If performing a web search sounds like a hassle, a simple “Hey Google, where do I vote?” voice query will be enough to get you started.
Google Search
Google Search will now help you find a song by just humming or whistling it
Google Search’s new trick supports over 20 languages on the Android platform, but it is currently limited to only English language on iOS.
Google Search makes it easier to find recipes, jobs and products using Activity Cards
The Activity Cards in search will now show the related recipes that users have recently visited, complete with thumbnails to make it easier to spot them.
Google Travel
Google adds COVID-19 info about destinations to travel searches
Google is adding information about travel resuming in a specific destination on Google Search.
Google Maps and Search listings now show a Black-owned business attribute
The attribute is identifiable by a round icon with three rust-toned lines running diagonally across it and a black heart in the middle.
Love dinosaurs? Google Search puts them in your living room with AR view
You can also record AR videos and recreate scenes from the Jurassic World movies, complete with sounds of a dinosaur’s roaring and footsteps.
Google brings free product listings to the main Google Search results page
The free product listings will appear in the product knowledge panel on the main search results page, and will first appear on mobile followed by desktop.
Google will now auto-delete search and location data of new users after 18 months
Google is also extending the change to YouTube, where auto-delete will be set to 36 months by default for new users or those enabling it for the first time.
Google now highlights the text you see in search snippets on the source webpage
The webpage will also automatically scroll down to the highlighted text when you click on the source link in the search snippet.
Google Search now helps you self-assess your anxiety levels
You’ll have to answer a series of clinically-validated questions called GAD-7 that a health professional may ask to assess your anxiety levels.
YouTube app on Android tests showing Google Search results alongside relevant videos
You can directly open the suggested webpage or even check out the full Google Search results page, all within the YouTube app.
With Google services missing, HUAWEI P40 series turns to Qwant search engine
HUAWEI has partnered with Qwant to offer its privacy-focused search engine services on the newly launched HUAWEI P40 series phones in Europe.
Google terminates its Chinese censored search engine project
Google has discontinued work on Dragonfly, as executive confirms that the censored Chinese search engine project has been “terminated”.
order food using Google
You can now order food using Google Search, Maps or Assistant
When you search for a restaurant using Google Search or Maps, for select partners, Google has added an Order Online button for food delivery.
Google pays Apple
Google paid Apple almost $10 billion in 2018
According to Goldman Sachs estimates, Google paid Apple almost $10 billion in 2018 for the privilege of remaining the default search engine on iPhones.
google search china
Google employees sign petition to end Project Dragonfly development
A recent report claims that 200 Google employees have signed a petition on Tuesday demanding the end of Project Dragonfly development.
google search china
White House calls on Google to give up on Chinese Search
In a recent speech, Vice President Mike Pence called on Google to immediately end its Chinese Search efforts and mobile search app development.
google search china
Google’s Chinese search engine allegedly ties searches to phone numbers
Google’s future possible Chinese search engine is reportedly in prototype phase as an application that would link searches to phone numbers.
Google estimated to be paying Samsung even more than Apple for search engine pre-loading
As the world’s number one smartphone vendor, Samsung is likely charging Google around $3.5 billion a year for search engine preinstallation.