Google+ is officially dead as Google Currents takes the forefront
So long, Google+!
Second Google+ API vulnerability admitted, network shutdown sped up
The Google+ meltdown is speeding up with another discovery of an API vulnerability that let third parties access users’ personal information.
Google+ will shut down after WSJ revealed private data exposure
The data breach allowed app developers to collect data from not only consenting users, but those who shared private data with those users.
Gamer IDs come to Google Play Games: your new identity for Android gaming
Get the details on Google’s new Play Games Gamer ID, the new way to sign in even if you don’t use Google+.
Google’s new People API streamlines how apps can gather contact data
Google’s introducing a new Android People API that makes it easier for authorized apps to gather info from our growing lists of contacts.
Google has so far removed 440K+ search results on ‘right to be forgotten’ grounds
18 months after the EU enforced the so-called right to be forgotten policy, Google shares some interesting stats on the work done so far in the field.
Google brings new look to Google+ with “drastically simplified” layout
Learn what’s changing with the new Google+ look, hitting Android, iOS, and opt-in web users over the next few days.
Google Tablescape leak shows work on food-photo-sharing service
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Google+ redesign arrives as latest update heads out
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Google inadvertently throws some fuel on that “rumored death of Google+” fire
Is there a reason we aren’t seeing anything mentioned about Google+ on this year’s Google I/O schedule?
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Maybe we should be worried about the fate of Google+ after all
Contrary to our initial assumptions, rumors now claim that massive Google+ changes may be underway in the wake of Vic Gundotra’s departure.
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