Expect more squircles on the Google Play Store

It’s an odd aesthetic choice that Google has chosen to adopt for its apps store for Android and Chrome OS, but it’ll stick to it from June 24.

Google services got buggy yesterday, with YouTube being in the spotlight

YouTube and other important Google services went down yesterday for a couple of hours and in various parts around the world
Play Points

Google Play Store may be getting Play Points loyalty program

A recent report details what might end up to become a loyalty program for the Google Play Store based on Play Points. Check it out!

You can install the Poco launcher on your Android device, but beware

You can have an idea of what it feels to have a Pocophone F1 by installing the Poco launcher in your smartphone, well if you are sure you want to

BixRemap brings back Bixby Button remapping on Galaxy S8, but for how long?

Samsung has been quashing grassroots groundwork to be able to reprogram the Galaxy S8’s Bixby Button, setting up for a literal Dave vs. Goliath battle.

Google Play Store sorts your apps out smartly

It took Google a while to do something about the mess of Android apps you had in your Play Store library, but it has finally happened.

Super Mario Run comes to Android, finally

It’s $9.99 past the first three levels, but that’s what iPhone users have been getting past for a few months now. So, what are you waiting for?

Finally, Nougat sees major surge in March Android distribution numbers

2.8 percent is still a small piece of the pie for 7.0 and 7.1 Nougat, but at least it’s much bigger than 1.2 percent in previous Android distribution data.

Google Play Store celebrates fifth anniversary

The Google Play Store, which replaced the Android Market, is now five years old. And it’s become more than just a smartphone apps store.

More Google Play Store design tweaks put app profiles on cards

More design tweaks for the way you’ll see apps on the Play Store include putting them on cards as part of top chart lists.

The Google Play Store in China? For sure? NetEase said to be in negotiations

After the company failed to push forward on rumored plans to launch the Google Play Store in China last year, could it do so this year with a partner?

Google Mobile Services litmus test now on Play Store

You’ll have to go into the Play Store, peep into the settings and then scroll to the bottom to see if your device is certified. Why is it so important?

Android app updates are getting 65 percent smaller

The Deflate delta algorithm definitely helped drive down APK update sizes, but file-by-file seems to work miracles — at a cost, though.

US and Canada get official rollout of 4K Google Play Movies

Over 125 titles are now available to stream in UHD on the Google Play Movies store. Many movies have an option to buy or rent, but few offer both.

Holiday perks for Project Fi users include $10 in Google Play credit

This perk kicks off four weeks of holiday surprises from Google’s MVNO effort. You will also learn to greet people in the Maori culture.

Google Play “Best of 2016” includes a lot of face, Deadpool

Face-switching apps were the joys of 2016 and so was Deadpool, the hero so nice, he topped the Google Play Store’s lists twice.

Lenovo Phab 2 Pro launches with 35 Tango apps

The first Android smartphone with augmented reality developed in mind is on sale today and, if you decide to get it, you have proper apps to use with it.

Google Play Store app fraud detection gets a boost

Google’s getting serious about tracking down apps that are way too popular with robots. Like, robots that scammers pay for to hype up a crap app.

“Wait for Wi-Fi” download queue feature in beta on Google Play Store

Supposedly, if you’re on a cellular network, you can pile a line of apps to download later while on Wi-Fi. Simple enough for Google to test, right?

Acer Chromebook R13 is company’s first to run Android apps natively

It is a Chromebook of firsts: the R13 is the first to get the Google Play Store and Android apps natively and the first with a MediaTek processor.

You can now start sharing stuff within your Google Play Family Library

Apps, games, e-books and movies are now shareable between family and friends on a Google Play account. Google Play Music sharing is in four new markets.

Chromebook Pixel 2, Acer R11 both getting Google Play Store access

Both Chromebooks have been updated on the developer channel of Chrome OS and now have access to the Google Play Store for Android apps.

Google Play Family Library lets you share media with up to six people

Outlets are reporting that Google will let six people share apps, music, movies and books with each other on a single Google Play account.

ASUS Chromebook Flip gets Google Play Store

The ASUS-made Chromebook Flip is the first to receive the power of Android apps with developers getting their work on the Google Play Store.

T-Mobile Tuesdays tops the app charts

Remember the popular kid at school that threw the pizza parties, the ice cream socials and the movie marathons? T-Mobile Tuesdays is that app.