Google’s music streaming services have 15 million subscribers
According to a recent report, there are 15 million subscribers combined for Google’s music streaming services, much less than Spotify and Apple.
Google Play Music bug prevents casting fresh 2019 songs
There’s a Google Play Music bug that prevents users from casting fresh, 2019, songs to connected speakers. Google is aware of the problem.
YouTube Music streaming app and rebranded YouTube Premium are official and ‘coming soon’
YouTube Music is essentially Google’s latest, purportedly greatest answer to the likes of Spotify and Apple Music, while YouTube Premium is the new name of YouTube Red, also including a Music Premium subscription.
Google unsurprisingly names Super Mario Run 2017’s most popular new Android game
Google Play’s US Best of 2017 lists include Super Mario Run in the lead in the new game category, and Photo Editor as the year’s most popular new app.
Galaxy Note 8 news overload: AKG earphones, refreshed Gear VR, Sam’s Club deals and more
In case you missed these little details, the Galaxy Note 8 comes bundled with AKG-tuned earphones, and there’s a new Gear VR version in town.
YouTube Red and Google Play Music officially eyed for ‘combination’ into one streaming ‘offering’
Confused about the differences between Google’s YouTube Red and Play Music streaming services and their selling points? That’s likely to change soon.
Bixby voice now working on US Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+ units
The launch of voice commands for Bixby marks a crucial trial for Samsung — did it get syntax all worked out and will it be truly useful?
Newbies can now enjoy four full months of Google Play Music premium service free of charge
You absolutely cannot beat the affordability of Google Play Music, with the “premium” audio streaming service yet again going free for 120 days.
Starting with the Galaxy S8, Google Play Music is the only such service pre-loaded on Samsung devices
Google Play Music is the only audio player and music streaming service users of Samsung phones and tablets need starting with the Galaxy S8 today.
Google Play Store celebrates fifth anniversary
The Google Play Store, which replaced the Android Market, is now five years old. And it’s become more than just a smartphone apps store.
Google brings together Play Music, YouTube Music crews
The merging of the two units working on their respective products is expected to lead towards a unified app for Google’s streaming efforts.
What does Google hear? Acquires Limes Audio, reportedly bidding on Soundcloud
The search giant has purchased Limes, a firm specializing in conference audio enhancement. Google is also reportedly bidding on Soundcloud.
Google Play “Best of 2016” includes a lot of face, Deadpool
Face-switching apps were the joys of 2016 and so was Deadpool, the hero so nice, he topped the Google Play Store’s lists twice.
All-new Google Play Music app rethinks the home screen, using machine learning to constantly transform
Gear up for a substantially improved Google Play Music streaming experience, centered on machine learning and user personalization.
Google finally flips the switch on Google Play Music podcasts
Six months after first being announced, Google Play Music podcasts are finally here.
NPR leak outs Google Play Music Podcasts launch for April 18
NPR briefed its member stations on when Google Play Music would launch its podcasts section. Someone decided to leak out embargoed information.
Kanye West remixes his anti-Apple Music stance as he ports out The Life of Pablo single
Does he owe money or what? And now that Kanye West is moving a little of his music to a place he said he would not, do you owe him a listen?
Google welcomes podcasts to Play Music, coming soon
Google just announced forthcoming Google Play Music podcast support, making it easier for Android users to access their favorite shows.
Are you taking advantage of all the free music on Google Play? Get these 7 dozen playlists
You can’t beat this deal for free Google Play music, with best-of playlists from dozens of top artists, all yours for nothing.
No more “Play” in Google Play Store? (Update: screenshots debunked)
Update 2: MaterialUP developer Victor Borga responded to our request for comment, saying:…
Ad-supported music streaming revenue forecast to grow, despite fewer “freemium” options
There’s a clear migration being tracked from bought-and-owned media toward the current…
play music
How Google killed its Play Music app for me
Google Play Music was a novel way of playing back your personal music collection from your CDs and tracks you’d bought from the cloud. Now it’s dead to me.
play music
Google Play Music has been wiping music stored on microSD cards, a fix is coming
A nasty Google Play Music bug has been spotted that’s been wiping downloaded and cached music off of some users’ SD cards. A fix is in the making.
Google, Amazon deliver new tools to add your existing media to cloud services
Learn about the new Kindle Convert software from Amazon, as well as Google’s efforts to bring Play Music features to Chromebooks.
Five smartphone problems you’d think they’d have fixed by now
From overprotective audio settings to oil-loving oleophobic coatings, we count down the 5 biggest (first-world) smartphone problems facing users today.