Google Play Edition
Google Play edition is a project worth continuing
Google Play edition devices offer name brand quality without bloat, carrier restrictions, or OEM overhead and is a project worth continuing!
Google acknowledges carrier delays for Nexus and GPe device updates
Even Nexus and GPe models aren’t immune to Android update carrier delays, and Google’s finally being upfront about it.
htc tablet
HTC insists One GPe Lollipop updates really, truly, nearly here
HTC GPe updates for the One M7 and One M8 may finally be nearly ready to go live.
HTC misses second GPe Lollipop release target
We were told to expect them this Friday, but the HTC Lollipop updates for GPe One-series phones aren’t quite ready to go.
HTC Google Play edition Android Lollipop updates delayed, still coming this week
The promised HTC Google Play edition Lollipop updates are still coming – just a little later than we were told.
Google Play edition Lollipop updates should start landing early next week
HTC, at the very least, will be making with the Google Play edition Lollipop updates in just a matter of days.
Oversized and absurd: why I’m enjoying the Z Ultra one year later (Video)
Due to some bugs and other issues, Taylor wasn’t fond of the Xperia Z Ultra at first. Watch this video to see why he’s actually loving it one year later.
Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Play edition has disappeared: and then there were two
The Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Play edition, removed from Play earlier today, is the latest in a group of GPe devices to get the boot from Google’s store.
Reviews, cheap phones, and updates – Week 29 recap: week in review
Our week 29 recap includes a review and contest for the OnePlus One, updates for 2 operating systems, and a gaggle of other goodies for the world of mobile.
OnePlus One review, Fire Phone hands-on, Microsoft’s future and more | Pocketnow Weekly podcast 105 (Hangout)
On this week’s show: our OnePlus One review spurs a giveaway! Plus, bad news out of Microsoft/weird news from Apple, and hands-on with Amazon’s Fire Phone!
Lumias and iPhones and L, oh my! Week 28 recap: Week in Review
Our week 28 recap includes some words of warning, some hope for the future, and some news from the here and now. Get caught up on your week.
Google pares down Play edition lineup: and then there were three
From six, we’re down to three: the Google Play edition lineup has just seen some big cuts made.
New Galaxy S5 Google Play edition render leaks; so where’s the phone?
Take a look at the newly-leaked Galaxy S5 Google Play edition render, as we wait for word of when this phone might finally go up for sale.
death of OEM skins
Is Android L the death of OEM Skins?
Google is making developing, maintaining, and updating devices based on stock Android very attractive. Could Android L be the deal of OEM skins?
Why are so many Google Play edition devices out of stock?
Learn what’s going on with Google Play edition stock problems, and why this might be a sign that new models are about to drop.
huawei p7 ascend
Is the Huawei way the right way?
There are obviously pros and cons to getting carrier subsidized smartphones versus buying directly from the manufacturer. Is the Huawei way the right way?
Google Play edition phones get their taste of Android 4.4.3
We’ve got word of Google Play edition Android 4.4.3 updates hitting most of the series’ handsets, as we wait for confirmation on tablets.
No Nexus 6 could mean Android Silver gets here earlier than rumored
Despite rumors that it could once again follow in the footsteps of this year’s LG Android flagship, new rumors suggest we may get no Nexus 6 at all.
Android 4.4.3 spotted for Sony Z Ultra Google Play edition?
See why this Bluetooth SIG listing appears to reveal a new GPe Sony Z Ultra Android 4.4.3 release.
New HTC One (M8) updates: developer/unlocked sales, teardown
Learn about the new HTC One developer edition, the carrier unlocked version of the phone, and how serviceable the handset might be.
HTC One (M8) sales: Google Play edition, carrier details
Hankering to purchase HTC’s latest Android? Get the details on where new HTC One (M8) sales are taking place, and what you’ll pay.
Will HTC or Samsung release Google Play edition phones again?
Google Play edition devices were introduced last year. Will we see a Google Play edition One or Galaxy S 5 this year? Read our thoughts on the matter!
Are Google Play editions the beginning of the end for the Nexus lineup?
Hear why the rumor that there may soon be no more Nexus phones is somewhat believable.
Why the Google Play edition Moto G is a great idea
Many have begun to question why the Google Play edition Moto G exists. To ask that question is to miss the point entirely. Read on to find out why!
Pocketnow Weekly 074: new Google Play devices and Windows Phone rumors galore
An unlikely duo of new Google Play devices, a mass blast of Windows Phone rumors and a pair of big reviews are the talk of this week’s podcast. Listen in!