Google Photos temporarily disables image backups for messaging apps
Image backups in Google Photos have been disabled for WhatsApp, Messenger, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, Helo, Instagram, LINE, Messages, and Viber.
Google Photos redesign adds a map view and introduces a new logo
The Search tab now has a map view that lets users see where they clicked their photos and videos, complete with pinch and zoom gesture support.
The trial of Google’s photo printing service is ending on June 30
There is a chance that the photo printing service might return with even wider availability.
Facebook users worldwide can now transfer photos and videos to Google Photos
The Google Photos migration tool is a part of Facebook’s open-source Data Transfer Project.
Google Photos now lets you share an album directly without creating a link
Albums in Google Photos can now be shared directly with contacts that have a Google account, but link sharing will still be available.
Facebook’s new tool lets you transfer pictures and videos to Google Photos
The photo transfer tool is part of the Facebook Data Transfer Project, and will soon add support for more services apart from Google Photos.
Free Google Photos book for Google Fi customers!
Stressed out from shopping? Play a little game to ease the mind. After that, you’ve got a free photo album you can make and that’s another gift checked.
Google Home Hub introduces a smart display without a camera
With privacy concerns abound as our homes smarten up, Google has decided against including a camera on its smart home hub.
Google Assistant voices, Google Photos Color Pop now available
A slate of new Google features are rolling out to consumers for use at their leisure. Except for Color Pop. You’ll learn why.
What happened to responsibility at Google I/O 2018? | #PNWeekly 304
Duplex was great and all. Android P made a big step towards wider, faster distribution. But what about privacy? We talk Google I/O on this week’s show.
Google Photos introduces document scanning, colorized B&W photos
Sharing photos you take with the people that are in them should be easier. Google Photos will help to do that and much more with its AI.
Like software updates, unlimited Google Photos storage for Pixel 2 lasts 3 years
Compression-free uploads will last up to 2021. From there, Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL will still get free though compressed backups.
Free original Google Photos backups if you get Moto Z
Plan on getting the Moto Z in any form or fashion? You can back your pictures and movies up to Google Photos at full resolution for free.
Nexus shutterbugs may get Google Photos sweetheart deal
If you take a lot of photos with your Nexus device, perhaps maybe even throughput photos on your dedicated camera, Google Photos may get interesting.
Allo is a new messaging service that takes advantage of Google Photos
Eric Kay, Director of Engineering, announced a new messaging app called Allo.…
Google brings its A game to April Fools’ with Cardboard Plastic, Photos emoji search, and more
As always, Google takes April Fools’ Day uniquely seriously, unveiling the Cardboard Plastic actual reality headset, parachute Express delivery, and more.
Google Photos embraces the do-over with easily reversible edits
New Google Photos reversible edits for its Android app allow users to tweak and re-tweak their pics to get just the right look.
Google Photos app gets a makeover, as new editing features come to web
We’re checking out the new Google Photos editing tools for its web interface, while learning about some interface changes for the Android app.
Google Photos gets shared collaborative albums
The Google Photos shared album feature we heard about back in September is finally ready to go live on Android, iOS, and the web.
Google Photos gets a couple new tools to help free up storage space
Google’s making it easier for users to free up Google Photos storage space thanks to a couple new features debuting this week.
focus app
Move over Google Photos, Focus lets you dive deeper
Google killed Gallery for its new cloud-backed Photos app and a lot of people hate it. To fill the gap respected developer Francisco Franco released Focus.
Google previews “something very special” for Google Photos next week (probably NOT a payment service)
No, mobile payments aren’t likely coming to Google Photos – but find out what we do know about the Google Photos promo event now being teased.
Google shares timetable for old Google+ Photos shutdown
With the new Google Photos here, the Google+ Photos shutdown was inevitable; today Google talks about just when the service will go dark.
Removing the Google Photos app from your Android device won’t stop auto-uploads
A startling revelation: even if you uninstall the app on Android, that’s not enough to shut off Google Photos auto-upload. Here’s how to fix that.
Google Photos suffers embarrassing image recognition fail, IDs users as apes
Google’s dealing with the fallout from a very embarrassing Google Photos fail, which saw images of dark-skinned users labeled as containing gorillas.