Google Feed, formerly Google Now, is now Google Discover
The way that Google informs its app users on the latest news and personal information will be the way that it will inform all of its mobile web users.
What the Feed? Google has rounder cards
This is all part of the Material Design revamp of Google’s applications and some of the changes have been controversial, at least in efficiency.
Advanced machine learning helps Google app feed get more intuitive and easier to customize
The already intuitive and versatile Google feed in the search giant’s Android and iOS app is getting a major update focused on personalization.
New look Google Feed screen on Pixel phones
One Pixel XL received the new design. It’s essentially an intermediate page that lets you look into stories and your latest reminders.
Nova Launcher integrates Google Feed through a workaround
The Google feed has been elusive for most launchers that aren’t from Google on Pixel and Nexus devices. Not for Nova now.
Here’s why Bixby needs to be great, and why you should hope it is too
Bixby has a lot of competition, but with its scale, it needs to be a top notch experience. Anything less could be a disaster.
RIP Google Now Launcher: What’s next for Android fans and manufacturers? (Video)
The first-party Android launcher will be going away for both device manufacturers and consumers. So, what now? We inspect the situation.
End of life for Google Now Launcher, OEMs left with choice to make
The Google Now Launcher is done for, but will be maintained for those using it for the foreseeable future. What’s next for manufacturers? – Interactive way to learn OK Google commands
Need help remembering what Google Now can do on your Android phone? Here’s an interactive way to learn OK Google commands!
Does Google Assistant stand a chance against Siri, Cortana, and the rest?
Does Google Assistant stand a chance against Siri, Cortana, and the rest? The title says it all folks and honestly I find it to be a rather absurd question.
Talk conversationally dirty to me, Google
Fifty Shades of Google? Well, not really, but if you ask Inbox to write up a Smart Reply for you, it’ll do so with the help of 2,685 romance novels.
New Google messaging app could be populated by … AI chatbots?
Will intelligent Google chatbots help jump-start the company’s mobile messaging efforts?
OK Google Answering Machine
Google Now just got answering machine-like functionality – here’s how to use it
Keep your hands on the wheel! Thanks to the new Google Now Answering Machine feature, your Android can read your texts to you – and let you reply, too!
How the smartphone will die in five years, according to Google and Ericsson
Ericsson used to have a larger footprint in the mobile technology space.…
Google Now can recite your last received texts — as Reddit had to find out
Google usually has a quick post ready for one of its many…
Voice Transcription
Want to see what’s next for the Google Android app? Public beta welcomes testers
Want to be on the cutting edge of Google’s improvements to mobile search and Google Now? Register to participate in the public Google app beta.
Every “OK Google” request you’ve made can be listened to — and deleted
This is the place where you and only you can listen to…
Google Now, Siri and Cortana need to be more human
No, I’m not talking about their sound. I mean, sure, developers can…
Who do you trust with your data privacy?
In another Apple vs. Google debate we look at your data privacy and whether Apple’s hand off approach is even necessary.
Google Now and Now on Tap could keep me on Android
Google Now and Now on Tap are both very compelling reasons to stay with Android. As other assistants catch up, it makes for an interesting choice.
Google Now on Tap might be Android’s biggest iPhone-fighter yet
Google Now on Tap takes an already-impressive Android feature and makes it much smarter. Siri should be quaking in her boots.
Google Now gets a physical form with launch of Google Panda
Google Japan is getting in on the April Fools’ Day fun with its launch of the voice-powered Google Panda.
Google gives Android ability to send Hangouts messages via voice
New Google Hangouts voice support for Google Now lets you send IMs with the power of your voice.
Google shares word of open API for Now cards
Google’s talking about the future of Now, including the debut of a public Google Now API for devs to take advantage of.
Can Siri, Cortana, or Google Now draw you to a platform?
These days, it’s all about the virtual assistants. But can Siri, Cortana, or Google Now (or any other virtual assistant) bring new users to a platform?