Google Talk moves to Hangouts, Google+ on Gmail is done

Several big changes are happening in the back end of Google’s communication mediums that will have big results for users in the front.

Google Messenger now called Android Messages

Where one name once was, a new name emerges: in this case with RCS getting added onto SMS and MMS capabilities, Messenger was no longer enough.

Google Hangouts users pushed Messenger for SMS

Google signals that Hangouts may lose its merged SMS/internet conversation threads in favor of promoting its dedicated SMS app, Messenger.

Google Messenger app updated with quick reply support

Learn about today’s Google Messenger app update, which brings quick reply functionality to make it easier and more convenient to respond to messages.

Google updates Messenger with animated GIF support, widget

Google’s new text messaging solution is getting a lot more animated, as today’s Google Messenger update brings support for animated GIFs.

Sweeter Android, musical YouTube, Microsoft-ier Lumia | Pocketnow Weekly 122

If your top interests in this week’s news included the terms “Lollipop,” “Lumia,” or “YouTube Music Key,” the Pocketnow Weekly podcast is the show for you!