Google Meet will finally let users blur or set a custom background during video calls
Google Meet will also block anonymous attendees from participating in an education meeting by default, but moderators will have the option to disable it.
Nest Hub Max now supports group video calls on Google Meet and Duo
Group video calling on the Next Hub Max now supports Google Meet as well, allowing users to tune in up with up to 100 people at once.
You can now start a Google Meet call by just typing in the URL bar
If you have multiple Google accounts logged into your browser, you can specify which one you want to use by simply adding ‘/1’ or ‘/2’ in the address field.
Google Meet comes to the Gmail app for Android and iOS
Google really, really wants you to use its video conferencing solution and is, therefore, integrating it directly into the Gmail app.
Google Meet’s noise cancellation feature is now rolling out on the web
It will detect and negate noise from slamming doors, barking dogs, keystrokes, kids noise, rustling of plastic, and more common disturbances in a household.
Zoom was experiencing issues, as Google Meet is getting more users
Conferencing app Zoom was having some issues this morning, and it may have helped Google Meet get more users as a safer and more reliable alternative
Google Meet starts appearing in Gmail sidebar
With Google Meet now appearing in the Gmail sidebar, Google has unleashed another strong weapon to retain users and stop them from switching to rival Zoom.
Google Meet is now free for everyone with a Gmail account
Google Meet’s free tier will be available to all in the coming weeks and will offer features such as tiled view, scheduling, and real-time captions.
Google Meet is gaining roughly 3 million new users each day
Google Meet now has over 100 million users, but it is still way behind Zoom’s 300 million strong user base across the globe.
Tiled view and low-light mode now rolling out for Google Meet
Google Meet’s new tiled layout is similar to the gallery view on Zoom and shows 16 participants of a video call on the screen.
Google’s Meet now allows users to make calls directly from Gmail
Google’s Meet video conferencing solution is getting a new Gmail integration that…
Google confirms Hangouts Meet will be rebranded to Google Meet
Google has made it clear that the Hangouts Meet name will gradually be phased out and the service will be called Google Meet in the days to come.