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Google Maps borrows useful Waze feature
Google is, once again, borrowing one of the standout features from the…
Google Maps I/O
Google Maps get even better, greener, safer
Google Maps will get 150K bike lanes. It will soon help you take the most fuel-efficient route.
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Google Maps will now tell you to take eco-friendly routes
Maps users will be able to compare car, biking, public transit, and other travel options in one place instead of toggling between different sections in the coming months.
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Google Maps will let you draw missing roads and be a good Samaritan
Google Maps will let users draw a new or missing road, change the direction or even delete a route that no longer exists.
Google Maps dark mode
Google rolls out dark mode for Maps, games for Android Auto
Android Auto is also getting Shortcuts on the launch screen.
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Google Maps app adds payment tool for parking and public transit fares
Google Maps is also expanding the ability to pay for public transportation fares by collaborating with more than 80 agencies worldwide.
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Google will turn some offices into vaccination sites while Maps will help find one
Aside from opening its infrastructure, Google is also pledging $150 million to promote vaccine education and ensure equitable distribution.
Google Search, Lens, and Maps get new features to make your pandemic life easier
Busyness information will now be shown directly on Google Maps without even searching for a place, and while on the move as well.
Google Vote
Google Assistant and Search get new features to help voters
If performing a web search sounds like a hassle, a simple “Hey Google, where do I vote?” voice query will be enough to get you started.
Live View in Google Maps now tells you about nearby landmarks, improves location pinning
Live View can now be started from the transit tab too, while Location Sharing with Live View enabled is coming to non-Pixel devices as well.
Google Maps COVID Layer
Google Maps adds a COVID layer feature to tell if an area is safe for traveling
Google Maps COVID layer will show a 7-day average of new COVID cases per 100,000 people in an area, and if the numbers are going up or down.
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You can now get Google Maps on your Apple Watch, Apple One confirmed
The Google Maps app is now available, once again for download in your Apple Watch, and a new Apple One bundle service may be on its way
Google Maps will now show real-time boundaries of a wildfire
Google Maps and Search will show users the real-time wildfire map, name and location of the affected area and resources from local emergency agencies.
Google Maps gets more colorful to better depict natural features of a region
Google Maps will soon show the accurate shape and width of a road to scale, the exact layout of sidewalks, crosswalks, and pedestrian islands as well.
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Google Maps and Search listings now show a Black-owned business attribute
The attribute is identifiable by a round icon with three rust-toned lines running diagonally across it and a black heart in the middle.
Google Maps adds new features to prepare you for life in the pandemic era
In Google Maps, users can now see COVID-19 restrictions and resulting transport disruptions, guidelines for medical facilities, and a station’s crowdedness.
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Google Maps introduces Plus Codes to make location sharing easier
Plus Codes are six-digit codes derived from the latitude and longtitude coordinates of your current location, and act as a global digital address.
Google Maps makes it easier to find takeout and delivery restaurants nearby
Tapping on either tag will pull up a list of restaurants that let you order a takeout and joints that will deliver to your doorstep.
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There’s a video of Google Maps working on the Microsoft Surface Duo
The Microsoft Surface Duo is supposed to arrive in this years holiday season, but we can already see how it will interact with Google Maps
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Google Maps to soon show you how brightly streets are lit
A recent teardown of Google Maps v10.31.0 beta reveals that the company is planning on adding another layer to the application, called “Lighting”.
Google Maps visually impaired
Google Maps updated with additional voice guidance for visually impaired
Google is celebrating World Sight Day by updating its Maps application and adding features aimed to help legally blind and vision impaired users.
Google Maps gets new features to help put during times of crisis
Google is continuing to improve its Google Maps offering by adding more and more features. The latest set aims to help out during times of crisis.