Google Maps adds new features to prepare you for life in the pandemic era
In Google Maps, users can now see COVID-19 restrictions and resulting transport disruptions, guidelines for medical facilities, and a station’s crowdedness.
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Google Maps introduces Plus Codes to make location sharing easier
Plus Codes are six-digit codes derived from the latitude and longtitude coordinates of your current location, and act as a global digital address.
Google Maps makes it easier to find takeout and delivery restaurants nearby
Tapping on either tag will pull up a list of restaurants that let you order a takeout and joints that will deliver to your doorstep.
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There’s a video of Google Maps working on the Microsoft Surface Duo
The Microsoft Surface Duo is supposed to arrive in this years holiday season, but we can already see how it will interact with Google Maps
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Google Maps to soon show you how brightly streets are lit
A recent teardown of Google Maps v10.31.0 beta reveals that the company is planning on adding another layer to the application, called “Lighting”.
Google Maps visually impaired
Google Maps updated with additional voice guidance for visually impaired
Google is celebrating World Sight Day by updating its Maps application and adding features aimed to help legally blind and vision impaired users.
Google Maps gets new features to help put during times of crisis
Google is continuing to improve its Google Maps offering by adding more and more features. The latest set aims to help out during times of crisis.
Google Maps speedometer
Google Maps adds on-screen speedometer
If you are a Google Maps user, you should be able, in certain regions, to use the on-screen speedometer, if the one in your car is broken.
Google shows restaurants’ popular dishes in Google Maps for Android
Google Maps is getting another functionality making it even smarter by showing popular dishes in restaurants to make your order easier.
Google Maps speed limit
Google Maps speed trap and speed limit alerts start rolling out
Google Maps users in several regions around the world could soon start seeing speed trap and speed limit warning on their apps.
order food using Google
You can now order food using Google Search, Maps or Assistant
When you search for a restaurant using Google Search or Maps, for select partners, Google has added an Order Online button for food delivery.
Some Google Maps users on Android can create public events
A new feature has been spotted and it is rolling out to a handful of Android users where they can create Google Maps events.
Google Maps AR navigation soon rolling out to some users
The Google Lens-powered Google Maps AR navigation feature will soon roll out to a handful of users, according to the company.
Crash and speed trap reports coming to Google Maps?
A limited number of users are seeing a Report button in Google Maps which allows people to report incidents such as crashes.
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Google Maps update brings real-time ETA
The latest version of Google Maps brings improved live location, route, and ETA sharing for both Android and iPhone users.
Google wants to help KaiOS ‘connect the next billion users’ with $22 million investment
The 2016-founded KaiOS Technologies has managed to secure a high-profile Google investment to accelerate the growth of the “smart feature phone” OS.
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Google Maps and Google Lens giving more personal results
Google Maps will be more in tune with the user’s preferences for food and drink. Google Lens will be in tune with the world through users’ phones’ cameras.
Mar10 means Mario Kart is on Google Maps for the next week
March 10. Mar10. Mario. It makes sense, right? And Google has done us a 1UP by having us play some Mario Kart on the road. The real road. Sorta.
Bixby voice now working on US Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+ units
The launch of voice commands for Bixby marks a crucial trial for Samsung — did it get syntax all worked out and will it be truly useful?
New Google Maps satellite imaging rolling out
Google has pieced together a new look at our world with new images from the latest imaging satellite from NASA and the US Geological Survey.
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New Google Maps features may include ETA sharing, shortcuts and history mapping
Want some instant directions on how to get home? How about going through everywhere you have been today? Google Maps may have it for you soon.
Testers share early look at Google Trips, the new in-development travel app
Find out what we’ve learned so far about Google Trips, the upcoming what-to-do-and-what-to-see app to help with your travel plans.
Google Maps glitch leads to ‘structurally sound’ house getting demolished by mistake
Google Maps might be the world’s best web mapping service, but even the best have flaws, and a bug recently led to an accidental house demolishing episode.