Pocketnow Daily: Apple’s ENTIRE 2020 Line-Up to go ALL OUT on Specs?!(video)

On today’s Pocketnow Daily, we talk about the new 5G enabled iPad Pros from Apple, the new Sony Xperia 1.1, Android 11 teasers and more

There’s a video of Google Maps working on the Microsoft Surface Duo

The Microsoft Surface Duo is supposed to arrive in this years holiday season, but we can already see how it will interact with Google Maps
Google Maps

Google Maps to soon show you how brightly streets are lit

A recent teardown of Google Maps v10.31.0 beta reveals that the company is planning on adding another layer to the application, called “Lighting”.
Google Maps visually impaired

Google Maps updated with additional voice guidance for visually impaired

Google is celebrating World Sight Day by updating its Maps application and adding features aimed to help legally blind and vision impaired users.

Google Maps gets new features to help put during times of crisis

Google is continuing to improve its Google Maps offering by adding more and more features. The latest set aims to help out during times of crisis.
Google Maps speedometer

Google Maps adds on-screen speedometer

If you are a Google Maps user, you should be able, in certain regions, to use the on-screen speedometer, if the one in your car is broken.

Google shows restaurants’ popular dishes in Google Maps for Android

Google Maps is getting another functionality making it even smarter by showing popular dishes in restaurants to make your order easier.
Google Maps speed limit

Google Maps speed trap and speed limit alerts start rolling out

Google Maps users in several regions around the world could soon start seeing speed trap and speed limit warning on their apps.
order food using Google

You can now order food using Google Search, Maps or Assistant

When you search for a restaurant using Google Search or Maps, for select partners, Google has added an Order Online button for food delivery.

Some Google Maps users on Android can create public events

A new feature has been spotted and it is rolling out to a handful of Android users where they can create Google Maps events.

Google Maps AR navigation soon rolling out to some users

The Google Lens-powered Google Maps AR navigation feature will soon roll out to a handful of users, according to the company.
Google Maps speed limit

Google Maps speed limit feature popping up in several locations

More and more Google Maps users are reporting that the speed limit feature is popping up on their applications in the United States.

Crash and speed trap reports coming to Google Maps?

A limited number of users are seeing a Report button in Google Maps which allows people to report incidents such as crashes.
Google Maps

Google Maps update brings real-time ETA

The latest version of Google Maps brings improved live location, route, and ETA sharing for both Android and iPhone users.

Google wants to help KaiOS ‘connect the next billion users’ with $22 million investment

The 2016-founded KaiOS Technologies has managed to secure a high-profile Google investment to accelerate the growth of the “smart feature phone” OS.

What happened to responsibility at Google I/O 2018? | #PNWeekly 304

Duplex was great and all. Android P made a big step towards wider, faster distribution. But what about privacy? We talk Google I/O on this week’s show.

Google Maps and Google Lens giving more personal results

Google Maps will be more in tune with the user’s preferences for food and drink. Google Lens will be in tune with the world through users’ phones’ cameras.

Google Play Instant just one of many pre-GDC announcements

The feature is an extension of the wider Android Instant Apps initiative where users can try a game out without installing it first.

Six cities have wheelchair-accessible transit directions on Google Maps

Boston, London, Mexico City, New York, Sydney and Tokyo are the first regions to support wheelchair-enabled transit directions.

Mar10 means Mario Kart is on Google Maps for the next week

March 10. Mar10. Mario. It makes sense, right? And Google has done us a 1UP by having us play some Mario Kart on the road. The real road. Sorta.

Google Maps may soon share battery information with live location to friends

It is also expected to revamp the mass transit commuting experience entirely with a “v2” of its current interface. That and more features coming up.

There are no changes to Google Maps in China, company says after report

It is going against an earlier report saying that a Google Maps app for iOS had popped up with ties to Alibaba’s mapping app, AutoNavi.

Google Maps back in China after 8 years’ absence

By many indications, Google seems to have made a partnership with an Alibaba subsidiary in order to return its Maps service back to the very restrictive regime of China.

Google Maps is now a transit guide that will poke your shoulder

You missed your stop. Great. Now you’re late. Google hopes that won’t be the case ever again with an upcoming update to Google Maps.

Google Maps now the default navigation app for Lyft drivers

It’s integrated into the the driver’s app for Lyft users, though drivers can opt out if they want to. Uber has been doing the same for its driver app.