Project Ara dead under Google, could be licensed to OEM [UPDATE]
Google has confirmed that it has abandoned the project. The modular smartphone concept was targeted for a commercial launch in 2017.
It is Apple’s responsibility to keep up with Google and others?
Google is entering more and more spaces in mobile – spaces where Apple has nothing – does Apple need to dive in to stay relevant?
New Moto G, Google I/O recap, and Nokia Returns to Phones | Pocketnow Weekly 201
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Does Google Assistant stand a chance against Siri, Cortana, and the rest?
Does Google Assistant stand a chance against Siri, Cortana, and the rest? The title says it all folks and honestly I find it to be a rather absurd question.
No standalone Google VR Headset (and this is the right move)
Rumors pointed to a standalone Google VR Headset, but the official announcement is a lot more conservative. Here’s why Google Daydream is the right move.
Google Duo and Allo: The death of Google Voice?
Google’s new messaging and video calling services require your actual phone number. Is this the death of Google Voice?
Allo is a new messaging service that takes advantage of Google Photos
Eric Kay, Director of Engineering, announced a new messaging app called Allo.…
We may see an Android TV product from Xiaomi at Google I/O
Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi is joining several cohorts in bringing teasers to what they are going to do in America — in this case, for Google I/O.
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3 things we’re watching for at Google I/O 2016 (#io16)
Mountain View will be busy next week with swarms of developers learning about the latest on Android, Google’s VR ambitions and a whole lot more.
Google will ‘definitely’ announce standalone Android VR headset at I/O
Do you dare to dream about a standalone, smartphone-disconnected virtual reality headset? Google could make that a reality next week with the Android VR.
Heads up, Android devs, Google I/O 2016 tickets are now available for lottery winners
The Google I/O 2016 developer conference is roughly two months away, and the first batch of tickets can be purchased by lucky raffle victors.
Google supposedly working on stand-alone VR headset, as well as next-gen sensor-laden Cardboard
In addition to a next-gen Cardboard with a ton of new sensors, rumors suggest that a stand-alone Google VR headset could also be in the works.
Google sets late May date for I/O 2016: what can we expect?
Get the dates for this year’s Google I/O 2016 conference, and here a little about what news we might expect to emerge from the gathering.