Early September Moto 360 availability hinted at by Google I/O follow-ups

See why it’s looking more likely that Moto 360 sales could start in the earlier part of September, rather than later in the month.
Android L vs Android KitKat

Android L vs Android KitKat (Video)

Google’s Android L isn’t final code by any stretch of the imagination, but we still wanted to see what’s new. Hit play to see Android L vs Android KitKat.

Android L in pictures: Google’s newest OS poses for the screenshot-cam

Many of you are wondering how your favorite apps and services will act on Android L. We decided to compile a bunch of Android L screenshots so you can see!
Android L

What’s new in Android L: a walkthrough of Google’s latest OS (Video)

Android L Video: Google released a Developer Preview of Android L earlier today. We loaded it up on our Nexus 5. Click play to see what we found.

Project Tango commercial release set to arrive next year

At Google I/O today, the company’s been sharing its vision for the commercial Project Tango release, on schedule for early 2015.

Did Google show off an HTC Nexus 9 render?

In a promotional image for Android L, Google may have accidentally (or intentionally) planted an HTC Nexus 9 render image. Take a look at the pic here.
death of OEM skins

Is Android L the death of OEM Skins?

Google is making developing, maintaining, and updating devices based on stock Android very attractive. Could Android L be the deal of OEM skins?

Google’s Android L – What we love and hate

Google I/O 2014 is happening right this moment, and even though we…

Google I/O 2014: everything you need to know (roundup)

Step back with us as we go over all of today’s news with a Google I/O roundup, 2014 edition.

Google Play Services 5.0 delivering beefed-up security, payments, sync, wearable goodness

Catch yourself up with all the new Google Play Services 5.0 improvements coming with the latest update, headed out now.

Google Cardboard is like a DIY Oculus Rift

Check out how the cheap-to-build DIY Google Cardboard viewer could bring a 3D smartphone experience to the masses.

LG confirms specifics about start of G Watch sales

Find out what tonight’s start of LG G Watch sales means about when you might actually get your hands on this smartwatch.

Google builds upon Play Games with addition of Quests, saved game improvements

Even gaming managed to make it on to Google’s I/O agenda this year, and we learn about a few new Google Play Games features coming to Play Services soon.

LG G Watch vs Samsung Gear Live: spec-to-spec comparison

Both watches will go on sale later today, so you might be thinking LG G Watch vs Samsung Gear Live. Find out which is better in our spec comparison here!

Samsung Gear Live Specs: a first stab at Android Wear

If you’re on the edge on whether or not you’ll purchase a Samsung Gear Live when sales open soon, be sure to check out our Samsung Gear Live specs list.

LG G Watch Specs: under the hood of LG’s new Android Wear beauty

Saw the LG G Watch, but not sure if you want to splurge on one? This list of the LG G Watch Specs may help you decide one way or another.
android wear still needs work

AT&T announces plans to carry LG G Watch

In a press release, LG has confirmed its intention to carry the LG G Watch Android Wear product. Learn more about the announcement here.

Google unveils Google Fit platform preview

Google’s first foray into fitness, Google Fit, has been shown off in a preview at I/O 2014. We go over the nuances of the Google Fit platform preview.

Join us for our Google I/O Editorial Roundtable

Update: We’ll begin shortly. Video embedded at the bottom. Google I/O one…

Android L has a new feature to separate work from play

A new feature in Android L will help users of the platform separate professional and personal lives, similar to Samsung’s KNOX (a Google partner program).

This is how you’ll use Android Wear

Google just lifted the curtain on its new smartwatch offering and given us a quick UI tour. Here’s how you’ll use the new crop of Android Wear devices!

Android L developer preview available tomorrow for Nexus 5 and 7

Google has announced that the Android L developer preview will be available tomorrow for the Nexus 5 and 7 (presumably only 2013). Find out where to get it!

Android continues its expansion into the living room with launch of Android TV

Chromecast was just the beginning: discover what’s next from Android on your television with today’s announcement of Android TV.

Google Cast will now mirror your Android display to the big screen

Google Cast will now work without the Android TV or Chromecast being on the same network as the device used for casting. More Cast news is also out.

LG G Watch, Samsung Gear Live sales details arrive

Find out which smartwatches will be available today as the first Android Wear sales get started.