Android L in pictures: Google’s newest OS poses for the screenshot-cam
Many of you are wondering how your favorite apps and services will act on Android L. We decided to compile a bunch of Android L screenshots so you can see!
Project Tango commercial release set to arrive next year
At Google I/O today, the company’s been sharing its vision for the commercial Project Tango release, on schedule for early 2015.
Did Google show off an HTC Nexus 9 render?
In a promotional image for Android L, Google may have accidentally (or intentionally) planted an HTC Nexus 9 render image. Take a look at the pic here.
death of OEM skins
Is Android L the death of OEM Skins?
Google is making developing, maintaining, and updating devices based on stock Android very attractive. Could Android L be the deal of OEM skins?
Google I/O 2014: everything you need to know (roundup)
Step back with us as we go over all of today’s news with a Google I/O roundup, 2014 edition.
LG G Watch vs Samsung Gear Live: spec-to-spec comparison
Both watches will go on sale later today, so you might be thinking LG G Watch vs Samsung Gear Live. Find out which is better in our spec comparison here!
Join us for our Google I/O Editorial Roundtable
Update: We’ll begin shortly. Video embedded at the bottom. Google I/O one…
This is how you’ll use Android Wear
Google just lifted the curtain on its new smartwatch offering and given us a quick UI tour. Here’s how you’ll use the new crop of Android Wear devices!
Android continues its expansion into the living room with launch of Android TV
Chromecast was just the beginning: discover what’s next from Android on your television with today’s announcement of Android TV.
Google unveils Android L developer preview with redone design
Google has unveiled Android L with redesigned everything as part of its new Material Design process. Learn about everything here!
Moto 360 Android Wear
Android Wear is cooler than I was hoping
If the inclusion of this single feature becomes a standard for devices powered by Android Wear, it means they’re much cooler than I was hoping!
Google I/O 2014: what we’re expecting
Come with us as we look through all the recent rumors and lay out just what our Google I/O 2014 expectations are for the next few days.
Nexus 6 screen size rumor could be hinting at a G3 connection
If the latest rumor about a 5.5-inch Nexus 6 is true, what could that tell us about the phone that will provide the basis for this Nexus model’s design?
Samsung could be launching an Android Wear smartwatch at Google I/O
A new report from a credible source states that a Samsung Android Wear smartwatch will be launched at Google I/O next week.
Google I/O site hints at Android status bar design tweak?
Take a look at the pic on Google’s I/O event page that has some of us wondering if there’s a new Android status bar design getting ready to premiere.
Dalvik vs ART
Android codebase makes the shift from Dalvik to ART
It looks like the time has finally arrived; check out the evidence as ART replaces Dalvik in the AOSP, all ready for Android’s next major release.
Google Fit health service rumored to debut at I/O
Is Google already planning to fire back at Apple with a response to HealthKit? Hear the new rumors about Google Fit, and how it may debut later this month.
Google could be teasing arrival of Android 5.0 – maybe
Take a look at the pictures that may just be a (inadvertent or not) Android 5.0 teaser from Google itself.
LG releases QuickCircle SDK to devs
With the release of the LG QuickCircle SDK, devs can get started designing software that will take full advantage of the G3’s accessories.
LG G Watch full tech specs leak: battery, SoC, storage, and more
We get our best insight into LG G Watch specs yet as an exhaustive spec leaks, detailing all the wearable’s major components.
More Nexus 8 leaks add to the possibility of a Google I/O debut and NVIDIA CPU
More Nexus 8 leaks are lending credence to the possibility of a launch at Google I/O, as we receive word that the device may feature a 64-bit NVIDIA CPU.