HTC One Google Edition

Thinking about the HTC One Google Edition? Here’s what you’ll be missing

Read about some of the things you’ll have to live without if you opt for the HTC One Google Edition over HTC’s own version of the phone.
HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S 4, developer's dream

The Google Edition Galaxy S 4 and HTC One will be a boon to the development community, and to you

With the playing field finally leveled with Google Editions, reviewers and developers can finally put the Android-powered flagship smartphones head-to-head.
android tablet owners

Android tablet owners: Your life is about to get really exciting!

Android tablet owners have been very patient, waiting for apps that look beautiful on tablets to arrive. Read about why that’s all about to change.
Focus on Google Services

Google’s focus on services makes me uncomfortable

Google introduced some very cool things at I/O 2013, primary among them…
Android 4.3 Rumors

Should you be excited about the June 10 Android 4.3 rumors?

There are always rumors about what’s coming in the next iteration, but let’s get specific: should you be excited about the Android 4.3 rumors?
Galaxy S4 Google Edition

Here’s why the Samsung Galaxy S 4 Google Edition is important

Learn more about the Galaxy S4 Google Edition and why it is important to Samsung, Google, and users like you and I.

The Google Galaxy S 4 Is a (Slightly) Bad Deal

Read why the just-announced Google Galaxy S 4 price should be just a bit lower than the standard version with full Samsung software.

Google Thinking About À La Carte Permissions for Android

Hear about the early brainstorming work Google has done towards the idea of à la carte permissions for Android apps.

Google I/O Delivers New Key Lime Pie Teasers

See the images hidden in Google I/O videos as early Key Lime Pie teasers.

Google+ Overhaul Comes to Android App

Discover what’s changing with the latest Google+ update for its Android app.

Pocketnow Live, Ep. 16: Nokia and Google I/O Reactions

Last Friday we were excited about the week ahead, this week, as…

Microsoft Shoots Back at Google I/O Interoperability Jab

Google recently complained about Microsoft interoperability with Android; now it’s Microsoft’s turn to respond.

Pocketnow Weekly 044: Galaxy S 4 Google Edition, I/O 2013, & Nokia Lumia 925

Google I/O, a Nexus-style Galaxy S 4, & Nokia’s Lumia 925. The big news of the week, covered in a 55-minute tech podcast. Join us for the Pocketnow Weekly!

Google’s Lack Of Update For Android At I/O Was Actually Smart, Here’s Why

It’s not common to see Larry Page on stage for a Google…
Google Play Services

Why the New Google Play Services Make Android Better Than Ever

Google didn’t announce a new version of Android. What they gave us was even better: Google Play Services. Learn what they announced, and why it’s so great!

No Android Update or Nexus, But Google I/O 2013 Was a Success

Upset by the lack of new hardware and Android updates? Learn why the Google I/O 2013 announcements are telling of a brighter future for all Google services.

Google I/O Thoughts, Google Galaxy S 4, HP SlateBook X2 & More – Pocketnow Daily

Watch today’s Pocketnow Daily as we talk about HP’s new SlateBook X2…

The Rest of Google I/O: Maps, Google+, Search, and More

Get the rest of the Google I/O 2013 news from today’s keynote address.

First Look: Google Music All Access (Video)

Check out our hands-on look at Google’s new music service.

Google I/O Editorial Roundtable: Google Music, Maps, and More (Video)

Google I/O is still underway, and even though there is still more…

Google to Sell Stock Android, Bootloader-Unlocked Galaxy S 4

The rumor is true: a Google Galaxy S 4 is coming, running stock Android and featuring an unlocked bootloader.

Watch the Google I/O 2013 Keynote Live With Pocketnow

Tune in here to watch the Google I/O 2013 Keynote live, on our page, followed shortly by our editorial roundtable with first impressions and more!

Google Could Announce Streaming Music Service Today

Could a new Google streaming music service be coming to augment its Google Play Music digital lockers?

New Google Play Store Arriving: Get It Now

Learn what’s changed in the new Google Play Store update, and how you can install it now.

Samsung Prepping Nexus-Like Galaxy S 4 Google Edition?

Read about what Samsung could be planning for a Nexus-like Galaxy S 4 Google Edition.