Android OEM agreements now include regular security patching

Ever since the Stagefright scandal in 2015, Google began offering up regular security patches and manufacturers tagged along very loosely.

Google Assistant voices, Google Photos Color Pop now available

A slate of new Google features are rolling out to consumers for use at their leisure. Except for Color Pop. You’ll learn why.

Alphabet chairman: Google Duplex passes Turing test

In a normal conversation (about making appointments, that is), a human may not be able to tell between Google Assistant and another human.

What happened to responsibility at Google I/O 2018? | #PNWeekly 304

Duplex was great and all. Android P made a big step towards wider, faster distribution. But what about privacy? We talk Google I/O on this week’s show.

Google Pay to store tickets, boarding passes

The mobile payments system got a big update at Google I/O 2018 with two new major mediums it can store on users’ devices: tickets and passes.

Wear OS developer preview updated with more (and less) power saving

Some tweaks were made to new power-saving measures implemented in the first preview while entirely new features are getting included now.

Gboard adopting Morse code typing

The latest beta version of the app has a new way for people who may not be able to efficiently communicate via a QWERTY setup to type.

Google Maps and Google Lens giving more personal results

Google Maps will be more in tune with the user’s preferences for food and drink. Google Lens will be in tune with the world through users’ phones’ cameras.

Android P puts battery life first, also reimagines how apps work with Actions and Slices

Google is finally, finally, finally treating your smartphone’s battery life as its…

Google Photos introduces document scanning, colorized B&W photos

Sharing photos you take with the people that are in them should be easier. Google Photos will help to do that and much more with its AI.

Google Assistant gets new voices, new partners, futuristic new skills

A lot of new Google Assistant information was shared during the opening Google I/O 2018 keynote, some of which had a certain Grammy winner as a headliner.

Android P Dashboard contributing to the “joy of missing out”

Several features will be incorporated into Google’s properties to encourage dropping the phone for a while and not missing out on life.

Watch the Google I/O 2018 keynote live right here at 10 AM PT

The first official Android P details are coming, along with possible Wear OS, Daydream or Google Home software and hardware upgrades. Here’s how to follow all the Google I/O 2018 action live online.

Google I/O 2018 will be about “responsible” use of Android

With the past year gone by and a trail of data devastation, we’re still stuck with the companies we have to deal with. What’s Google doing to make it more bearable?

LG Watch Timepiece may have been tracked at FCC

It has a model number of W315 to follow on from the LG Watch Sport (W280) and the Watch Style (W270) of last year. But will it float the ambitions of Google’s Wear OS?

5 updates in Android P Developer Preview scheme, final launch in Q3

The second developer preview will be released at around the time of Google I/O. Even with five scheduled updates in total, Android P is expected to go public in the third quarter.

Google I/O 2018 confirmed for May 8 – 10 dates in Mountain View

We don’t know if Pineapple Cake is the official name of the next Android flavor, but we may find out at Google I/O 2018 between May 8 and 10.

Google I/O 2018 teasing games begin with possible Android Pineapple Cake hint

It could be a false hint, but what if this Google I/O 2018 teasing game is actually confirming the dessert name of the next Android version will be Pineapple Cake?