Free Home Hub and other discounts with Cyber Monday at Google Store

Google Store Cyber Monday has great deals for those who want a new device while getting freebies and discounts on many new products and accessories

Google’s Black Friday deals including up to $200 off a Pixel 3 phone

The first real discounts on the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL are on their way in time for Black Friday shopping. Plus, lots of Google Home speakers are on sale.

More than a million people a month buy an Alexa speaker or Google Home

43 million adults in the US are now estimated to own at least one smart speaker. And people are using their smart speakers to buy more stuff.

Google Home, Pixel 2 XL and more are on sale

It’s a summer sale going on through July 17 Pacific Time and it involves smart speakers, over-the-top TV dongles and a whole lot more Google.

Google Assistant’s Continued Conversations launching

If you have a Google Home speaker, feel free to keep talking after Google Assistant’s done. It’ll listen to you and respond back.

Everything from the Pixel 2 XL to the Pixelbook, Google Home Max and Mini is on sale right now

US Google Store shoppers can get some decent discounts on the Pixel 2 XL smartphone, Pixelbook laptop and Google Home, Home Max and Mini smart speakers through June 17.

Google Home Mini goes $10 off list, while two-packs score $40 discounts

You have until May 13 to purchase a Google Home Mini smart speaker from the search giant’s US e-store at $39 instead of $49, or you can get two units in exchange for just $58.

Google Home gets BOGO discounts in the US and Canada

If you’re thinking about getting a smart speaker, especially from Google, you might just want to buy two and take advantage of some savings.

Bluetooth speakers can now link to Google Home speakers

Perhaps you prefer the sound of one of your other Bluetooth speakers to the Google Home Mini? Or you just need that added boost.

High-end Google Home Max officially starts selling in the US at $399

Unveiled more than two months ago, the Apple HomePod-rivaling Google Home Max is finally up for grabs stateside, at least from Best Buy.

Best Buy listing claims Google Home Max out December 11

But what does Best Buy know, anyways? It took that date off the product page it published way too early. Well, it sounds like a good ballpark.

Pixel Buds, Pixelbook and Pixel 2, too! | #PNWeekly 273

The “Made by Google” event gave us a whole lot to think over when it comes to the second-generation of Google machines. We talk with Joshua Vergara!

“Made for Google” accessory program launches with 26 partners

Cases and skins and all that sort will be here, for sure, but so will USB-C accessories that may be required to follow specifications.

Pixel 2 Reactions: the new phones #MadeByGoogle (Video)

It isn’t just some smartphones that Google made getting the attention today. From a laptop to earbuds to fuzzy speakers and a headset, we have you covered.

Google Home Max sets its sights on the Apple HomePod with ‘smart sound’ and a lot of power

There’s a normal-sized Google Home, a Home Mini and now also an extra-large Google Home Max for full Echo lineup and Apple HomePod rivalry.

“Made for Google” accessory licensing said to debut with new hardware

We may see new third-party accessories — especially USB-C accessories — follow a new guideline that will be set by Google shortly.

It’s a bit of a stretch, but a ‘high-quality’ Google Home Max could also debut on October 4

Even if legit, there’s a much better chance the so-called Google Home Max, stereo speakers and all, will go official later on rather than next week.