Amazon wants to put Alexa on a pair of normal-looking smart glasses next, rumor has it

Amazon’s consumer hardware ambitions could expand from tablets and smart speakers to smart glasses soon, all powered by the Alexa voice assistant.

Google Glass Enterprise Edition is real, official and already in use at 50+ companies

The consumer-centric part of the “moonshot” is still on hold, at the very least, but the long-rumored Google Glass Enterprise Edition is quickly spreading.
Google Glass

Google Glass is dead and kicking, getting random software updates after years of radio silence

No, we don’t think Google Glass is coming back from the dead, but for whatever reason, the wearable device is still software supported.

Unfazed by the Google Glass flop, Apple is reportedly considering its own AR smart glasses

Are smart glasses DOA after Google’s resounding failure to get one such prototype off the ground? Apple may not think so, according to reports.

Snapchat Spectacles, because we all loved Google Glass

The privacy debates that it brought up were damaging. In terms of Snapchat, instant communication to a selective audience really might work people over.

Presumed Google Glass successor for enterprise can be yours if you win this eBay auction

An unreleased modified version of the discontinued Google Glass wearable has popped up out of nowhere on eBay, where it’s auctioned for a small fortune.
Google Glass

Google Glass exits all social media channels, signaling imminent rebranding

Google Glass is no more, in real life, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, but Project Aura should pick up where the optical head-mounted display left off.

Zeiss Smart Optics Hands-On (Video)

Google Glass? So 2013. Carl Zeiss, the company that makes glass for cameras and telescopes already makes them for your eyewear. But it’s smartening them up.

Next-gen Google Glass reveals its hardware in just-published image gallery

An old FCC filing from this summer has finally revealed its previously-confidential content, giving us a bunch of new Google Glass pics.

Will the next-gen Google Glass flex to fit your head?

There’s a new patent that’s just surfaced revealing a flexible Google Glass-like product.

Google Glass future prototypes include model without a screen

Learn more about some possible variations that Google Glass might receive in the near future, as today we learn of some new prototypes in the works

Google Glass is now Project Aura, as former Amazon employees join the program

Project Aura is the new name of Google Glass, with a second consumer generation worked on by a slew of former Amazon employees, among others.

Hangin’ with Dr. Cooper: an interview with “the father of the cellphone”

He made the first cellular phone call in 1973. Now Dr. Martin Cooper joins us for a look back at the world he made possible – and what’s yet to come.
Google Glass

New Google Glass may not be consumer-ready for at least another year

It’s looking more and more likely that the new Google Glass will be a business-only product for at least the next year.

Google Glass Enterprise Edition tipped to get folding design

While the rumored Google Glass Enterprise Edition would largely keep the same look as the Explorer Edition, new sources describe a few key differences.

Google FCC docs might just point to new Glass hardware

Is the new Google Glass hardware nearly ready to arrive? Some fresh FCC docs sure have us wondering as much.

Google Glass eyewear partner says new Glass due “soon”

Some new Google Glass hardware should be out soon, according to one of Google’s partners on the project.
Android Lollipop for smartwatches

The state of Android

Android has grown well beyond that which it was originally intended. Where did it come from and where is it now? This is the state of Android.

Google Glass will continue, but under a different focus

Learn more about the future of Google Glass, as the company’s Eric Schmidt took some time in an interview to clarify the product’s future.

How Windows Holographic can succeed where Google Glass failed

Google Glass was a failure by any measurable standard. A new competitor, Windows Holographic can succeed because of it’s place in the industry.

Big changes coming to Google Glass this year, including new hardware

Learn about the many changes coming to Glass, including the new Google Glass hardware due later this year.

Google and Intel partner for the future of Google Glass

Learn more about the future of Google Glass, as a new partnership with Intel might spur new usage scenarios that Google is contemplating.

Google Glass reportedly delayed due to lack of interest

Learn more about the future of Google Glass, as new reports claim that there might not be a good plan for this product to reach consumers.

Your smartwatch might get you in trouble at the movies

Read up on the wearables ban enacted by movie theater owners in the US, and why it’s not just things like Google Glass that could get you in trouble.

Google design patent may hint at next-gen Glass

Take a look at what Google might be thinking so far as the next Google Glass design goes.