Google Feed, formerly Google Now, is now Google Discover
The way that Google informs its app users on the latest news and personal information will be the way that it will inform all of its mobile web users.
What the Feed? Google has rounder cards
This is all part of the Material Design revamp of Google’s applications and some of the changes have been controversial, at least in efficiency.
Advanced machine learning helps Google app feed get more intuitive and easier to customize
The already intuitive and versatile Google feed in the search giant’s Android and iOS app is getting a major update focused on personalization.
New look Google Feed screen on Pixel phones
One Pixel XL received the new design. It’s essentially an intermediate page that lets you look into stories and your latest reminders.
Nova Launcher integrates Google Feed through a workaround
The Google feed has been elusive for most launchers that aren’t from Google on Pixel and Nexus devices. Not for Nova now.
RIP Google Now Launcher: What’s next for Android fans and manufacturers? (Video)
The first-party Android launcher will be going away for both device manufacturers and consumers. So, what now? We inspect the situation.
End of life for Google Now Launcher, OEMs left with choice to make
The Google Now Launcher is done for, but will be maintained for those using it for the foreseeable future. What’s next for manufacturers?