Google Nexus 5 revision, Google Edition devices, Spotify free & more – Pocketnow Daily Recap
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HTC One Developer Edition Android 4.3 is coming, will skip Android 4.2.2
While answering questions on Twitter, HTC’s Jason Mackenzie said that Android “2.2 is minor update so decided to go straight to 4.3”. Read the details!
Google Play Edition phones
Has anyone actually purchased a Google Play edition Galaxy S 4 or HTC One?
I’ve advocated for Google Play Edition phones for a very long time. Now that they’re finally here, is anyone actually buying them?
Moto X vs HTC One Google-Edition (Video)
The Moto X is Google’s newest stock-Android smartphone, but the HTC One (GE) ain’t no old lady neither. See how they compare in our Moto X vs HTC One video!
verizon galaxy s 4 google edition
How to make your Verizon Galaxy S 4 a Google Edition (Video)
Upset that your Verizon SGS4 isn’t running stock Android? Watch this video to learn how to make your own Galaxy S 4 Google edition in a matter of minutes!
From Android skins to Android stock: a sweet & sour experience with the Google-edition HTC One
My journey from Sense 5 to stock Android on the Google-edition HTC One reveals the bane -and the beauty- of Android skins.
HTC One Google Edition unboxing (Video)
We might’ve taught you how to Google-ify your own HTC One, but some folks just want to see the real deal. Behold: our HTC One Google Edition unboxing.
Pocketnow Weekly 051: Baby, you’re a firework
If the words “Nokia Lumia 909,” “magenta Moto X,” or “HTC One Play Edition” get your flag waving, tune in to today’s Pocketnow Weekly mobile tech podcast!
Samsung Galaxy S 4 Google Play Edition Android 4.3 screenshots leak
Alleged screenshots of Android 4.3 for the Samsung Galaxy S 4 Google Play Edition have been leaked. Check out the details.
Google Edition HTC One and GS4 on sale, Motorola branding, phones & more – Pocketnow Daily
Watch today’s Pocketnow Daily as we talk about the Samsung Galaxy S…
Moto X
I want a Moto X and so should you, here’s why
Motorola has finally settled on a name for their X phone: Moto X. It’s not a Nexus. It’s not a Google Edition. It’s a Motorola, and this is why I want one!
HTC One Google Edition
Thinking about the HTC One Google Edition? Here’s what you’ll be missing
Read about some of the things you’ll have to live without if you opt for the HTC One Google Edition over HTC’s own version of the phone.
Pocketnow Weekly 047: Nokia EOS rumors, webOS sentimentalism, & a whole lotta outtakes
From nostalgic looks at webOS to the latest Nokia EOS rumors, we talk a ton of tech on this episode of the Pocketnow Weekly Podcast. Join us!
HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S 4, developer's dream
The Google Edition Galaxy S 4 and HTC One will be a boon to the development community, and to you
With the playing field finally leveled with Google Editions, reviewers and developers can finally put the Android-powered flagship smartphones head-to-head.
Pocketnow Live
Pocketnow Live, Ep. 18: Google Edition smartphones are the next big thing
With both Samsung and HTC releasing Google Edition smartphones, are we looking at a new trend? We’ll talk that and much more on the Pocketnow Live show.
Google Edition HTC One rumors just won’t die, more reports surface despite official denial
Despite the official denials and debunks, the rumor mill is once again talking about a Google Edition HTC One, coming very soon. Read the details!
Galaxy S4 Google Edition
Here’s why the Samsung Galaxy S 4 Google Edition is important
Learn more about the Galaxy S4 Google Edition and why it is important to Samsung, Google, and users like you and I.