Google Messages and Duo will stop working on ‘uncertified’ Android devices
Google Duo will stop working on uncertified Android devices after March 31, but will give a grace period of two weeks to download your files.
Google is bringing Duo video calls to Android TVs
If your smart TV doesn’t have a built-in camera, you can still experience video calls on a larger screen by plugging in a USB camera.
Google is reportedly planning to sunset Duo in favor of Meet, and it’s hardly a surprise
VP and GM of G Suite Javier Soltero, who now also oversees Duo and Messages, reportedly told employees that it does not make sense to have two video apps.
Nest Hub Max now supports group video calls on Google Meet and Duo
Group video calling on the Next Hub Max now supports Google Meet as well, allowing users to tune in up with up to 100 people at once.
Google Duo’s family mode lets you add masks and draw doodles during video calls
Google Duo is also adding face masks and fun filters to regular two-person video calls on both Android and iOS.
Google Duo might soon let users reach out to contacts via email address
The “Reachable with email address” feature in Google Duo will let users find a contact via their email address instead of relying solely on mobile number.
Google Duo
Google officially introduces Duo group calling for up to eight people
As previously suggested by reports, Google has now officially introduced Duo group calling where up to eight people can have a video call at the same time.
Google Duo
Google Duo group video calling live in certain regions
According to recent reports, the Google Duo group video calling feature is starting to roll out in some regions, Indonesia being one of them.