How much cloud storage can you get from Google One for $10 a month?

Google Drive is becoming no more, but what’s taking its price will provide a couple more options for cloud data hoppers.

Google Drive transforms into Google One for all Google storage needs

In addition to a name change and “smarter” storage amount options, there are also a few freebies Google wants to toss to consumers.

Cortana on Windows 10 finally connects to Gmail

Gmail is a dominant email service provider and it’s about time that a prominent desktop OS recognize it. It will, through its digital assistant.

Google Drive annual plans look to be in the making

For the 100GB and 1TB tier storage plans, you may soon have the option to pay for a whole year’s storage for the price of just ten months’.

Google encourages iPhoners to move to Android with new backups strategy

It has a new guide for best practices on the Android website and a new backup function for contacts and calendar events on Google Drive for iOS.

Google Drive Add-Ons now on Android

A selection of nine add-ons are available for both Google Docs and Sheets on Android that will let tablet typers create bibliographies and sign papers.

Nexus shutterbugs may get Google Photos sweetheart deal

If you take a lot of photos with your Nexus device, perhaps maybe even throughput photos on your dedicated camera, Google Photos may get interesting.

Check your Google account security settings and score another free 2GB Drive storage

Learn how you can score some free Google Drive storage just by taking a moment to review your account security settings.

Google Drive scores another update aimed at ‘super easy’ organization

After recently simplifying and improving search functions, Google Drive works on its organizational skills with a new update.

Google Drive makes it ‘super easy’ to find your cloud stored files, regardless of origin

Searching for Google Drive-stored content has never been easier, with new filters added for the Android, iOS, and web apps, as well as other improvements.

Google, Microsoft, Amazon embrace 3D Touch in latest app updates

Get the details on the new 3D touch app support arriving this week in updates from Microsoft, Amazon, and even Google.

There is no such thing as “the cloud,” it’s just somebody else’s computer

Nearly everybody uses cloud services these days, to some varying degree. It’s…

Google starts bringing your Google+ photos to Drive

With the introduction of Google Drive photo backup, your Google+ Photos find a new home in the cloud.

Google Drive update hints at Chromecast support, move away from Google+ photo backup

A recent app teardown hints at pending Google Drive Chromecast support, as well as changes for how photos are auto-archived.

Free Google Drive storage bump can be yours for checking some security settings

Learn how you can get a free free Google Drive upgrade by just checking some security settings.
pocketnow in the cloud

3 things you should never store in the cloud

A batch of celebrity nude photos were just leaked to the web. Why? They were stored online. Here are 3 things you shouldn’t EVER store in the cloud.

Gmail update brings closer integration with Google Drive

Learn more about a new Gmail update that will provide you with some additional smart integration with Google Drive, aside from other features.

AT&T HTC One M8 owners finally get their free Drive storage

Learn what’s new in today’s AT&T HTC One M8 update, including the free Google Drive storage and the phone’s Extreme Power Saving mode.

Google forces Drive users to adopt new editing apps: upgrade or downgrade?

With the arrival of today’s Google Drive update, users will have to turn to its companion apps to edit their documents.

Google brings Docs and Sheets apps to iOS, Android

Check out Google’s latest pair of apps to go live, with the arrival of Google Docs and Sheets for iOS.

More Google Android app updates: Hangouts, Maps, Drive, Newsstand

Discover what’s changing with some of the Google app updates that have been going out today.

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Google Drive update: new editing, scanning tools, refreshed UI

Find out about all the changes in the latest Google Drive update, including scanning, editing, and a new look for the app.

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