Google is allowing you to add a function you like to the address bar of Chrome
Google has been testing a wide variety of different options and interfaces…
chrome update
Google makes its Chrome browser 23% faster
The post about the update also notes that this change should improve Chrome’s performance on the Apple M1 chip.
Preview Page Chrome for Android
Google Chrome will now preview pages before opening on Android
It is still a two-step process and not as simple as the one we get on Safari.
Optimized Chrome for M1 Macs
Google offers an optimized version of Chrome for Macs with Apple’s M1 chip
The rollout was halted when some users started experiencing random crashes after downloading this M1 chip-optimized version of Chrome.
Google chrome v87 performance boost
Chrome gets a huge performance boost and a useful tab search tool
When users type a query that resembles a settings option, they’ll see an action button right in Chrome’s universal URL bar.
dark mode on Chrome OS
Google boosts the security of Chrome browser for Android and iOS
Chrome v86 on iOS adds support for Face ID, Touch ID and device passcode that has to be entered before autofill password jumps into action
Chrome now lets you organize tabs into groups and makes opening them 10% faster
Users can now fill out and save PDF forms on Chrome, and also share URLs quickly by generating a QR code on both mobile and desktop versions.
Chrome’s “Kaleidoscope” page will put all streaming services in one place
A dedicated page will show icons for services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+, which can be clicked to open the desired streaming service.
Chrome’s autofill is getting more secure with biometric checks
The feature is optional and you turn this feature on and off.
Chrome will stop being so demanding with the battery of your Mac
Google Chrome could soon solve its battery draining issues on Mac devices
Pocketnow Daily: Apple’s iOS 14 Plans DON’T Make Sense… (video)
On today’s Pocketnow Daily, we talk about the possible new name for iOS, the huge limitations in the screen of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and more
It seems that Google Chrome will reduce RAM usage with the latest Windows 10 updates
The latest Windows 10 software update may help Google Chrome to work without having to use too much RAM
Google introduces Sodar, an AR tool to help you with social distancing
Sodar uses your phone’s display as an AR viewfinder to show a virtual circle of 2-meter radius around you in order to keep you safe.
Chrome will remove demanding ads that drain battery, data and system resources
Google will test the new ad behavior monitoring experiment on Chrome over the next few months before implementing it in August.
Chrome is getting a tab grouping feature to make your browser life easier
Tab grouping on desktop is already available on Chrome Beta and will start rolling out on all platforms via the stable channel starting next week.
Google Chrome for Android is almost usable!
Somebody at Google is finally learning about one-handed smartphone usability; something that should have been obvious 15 years ago. Chrome may be getting a much better user interface soon.
Android Google Chrome Exploit
Chrome 39 goes stable on Android, brings Lollipop enhancements and more
Chrome 39 for Android ushers in various different Lollipop-inspired design tweaks, plus more. Get the scoop here.