Google Home, Pixel 2 XL and more are on sale

It’s a summer sale going on through July 17 Pacific Time and it involves smart speakers, over-the-top TV dongles and a whole lot more Google.

2VR: a more minimalistic, compact and functional Cardboard on Indiegogo

2VR not only folds up the virtual reality experience to take on the go, but keeps it affordable with a spartan all-in-one approach like Google Cardboard.

Google Store Back to School sale hitting Chromebooks, Huawei Watch, Nexus 6P

Chromebooks are on the table. So is the Huawei Watch. And the Huawei Watch. And… the Huawei Watch. Also, a last ditch Nexus deal.

Pokémon GO update brings Google Cardboard copyright acknowledgement

In version 1.0.1 of the Pokemon Go app, the settings section includes an open source software credit to Google Cardboard.

No standalone Google VR Headset (and this is the right move)

Rumors pointed to a standalone Google VR Headset, but the official announcement is a lot more conservative. Here’s why Google Daydream is the right move.

The Pocketnow Weekly Podcast 200th Episode Phone Giveaway!

For the Pocketnow Weekly Podcast 200th episode, we’re chatting Google I/O 2016, Motorola and Project Tango, and giving away TWO phones!

3 things we’re watching for at Google I/O 2016 (#io16)

Mountain View will be busy next week with swarms of developers learning about the latest on Android, Google’s VR ambitions and a whole lot more.

Samsung Bedtime VR Stories bring children and parents to a dreamland before dreamland

When was the last time before you tucked yourself in for the night that you got to really experience a good story? How about your kids?

Get VR freaky for free with new virtual reality section on Pornhub

It’s only natural to see pornographic content taking over the fledgling VR world, with Pornhub letting you view immersive dirty videos for free.

If you’re “Feeling Lucky” at home, you can play the Google Store Claw on Twitter

Stop by the Google Fiber Space at SXSW this weekend and have a crack at a free Pixel C, a Nexus or Android Wear. Not there? Play via Twitter!

Google Store picks up new category just for VR hardware

In the market for a new Google Cardboard? Perhaps something a little more robust? You’ll want to check out the new Google Store VR section.

Alcatel brings new Idol 4 and Idol 4S flagships to MWC 2016

Get the full launch details on the new Alcatel Idol 4 and Idol 4S, the company’s latest flagship-class Androids.

Next-gen Google Cardboard may take advantage of Project Tango tech

Rumors of a crossover Google Cardboard Project Tango effort could be part of Google’s next-gen VR/AR plans.

Google job postings, new hires point to serious interest in VR hardware

With new hires and a prominent Google VR job posting for hardware development, rumors of the company’s interest in new VR headsets grows.

Google Cardboard picks up spatial audio SDK support for impressive 3D sound

With the new Google Cardboard spatial audio SDK, devs can easily make apps that sound as immersive as they look.

Google exec reshuffling hints at big VR plans in its future

Google VR rumors are heating up as a VP is tasked to work on VR and VR alone – could an Oculus-like headset be in Google’s future?

Google’s got free Star Wars Cardboard viewers (if you’re lucky)

Technically, there’s a free Star Wars Google Cardboard giveaway happening at the Google Store right now … if you can get your order in.

Google Cardboard Camera lets you take your own 360-degree 3D shots

Got a Google Cardboard headset? Great; now you’re all set to create some 3D panoramas with the new Google Cardboard Camera app.

Verizon’s got some exclusive Star Wars Google Cardboard viewers

Act fast to get your own limited edition Star Wars Google Cardboard viewer, in select Verizon stores today.

YouTube for Android goes full VR for Cardboard users: 3D with head tracking

See how today’s new YouTube VR-focused updates really help improve the experience for Google Cardboard users.

The New York Times launches a new VR-based film series

Learn more about a new Virtual Reality-based film series being launched by the New York Times, with a new approach to showing you a documentary

Mattel’s View-Master VR Cardboard-compatible viewer finally arrives

This ain’t your childhood’s View-Master: check out the new View-Master VR for Cardboard-compatible smartphone 3D viewing.

OnePlus starts taking orders for its nearly free Google Cardboard VR viewer

The OnePlus Cardboard is available for order now, and all you’ve got to pay for is the cost of shipping.

OnePlus 2 launch date set for late July (with a VR twist)

Get your Google Cardboard ready for a special VR event, as we get word of the official OnePlus 2 launch date.

Conan’s got a free VR viewer for your smartphone

Get your own free VR viewer from Conan O’Brien, all ready to check out this summer’s Conan 360 content.