Hey Siri
Apple, Google training their voice assistants to understand people with speech disabilities
Apple is working to help Siri automatically detect if someone speaks with a stutter.
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Google Assistant
Google Assistant-enabled smart displays and speakers can now stream Apple Music
Apple Music support is first rolling out on Google Assistant smart display and speakers in France, Germany, Japan, UK and the US markets.
Smart displays
Google finally brings multi-account support and dark mode to smart displays
A “Home Control” page has also arrived that will let users control all connected smart home devices from a single hub on their smart displays.
Google Vote
Google Assistant and Search get new features to help voters
If performing a web search sounds like a hassle, a simple “Hey Google, where do I vote?” voice query will be enough to get you started.
Google’s Your News Update audio briefing arrives on Google Podcasts
Google is also making it easier to listen to relevant or important local news stories via the Google Assistant by just voice commands.
Too tired to type? Use the Google Assistant to send an audio message
“Hey Google, send an audio message to Nadeem saying I don’t like his meme taste.”
Google Assistant-powered smart displays get new visual and touch-based games
The new voice and touch-enabled games are now available for Google Assistant-powered smart displays starting today with more to come.
OnePlus Z
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Nest Hub Max now supports group video calls on Google Meet and Duo
Group video calling on the Next Hub Max now supports Google Meet as well, allowing users to tune in up with up to 100 people at once.
Google Assistant’s voice match, sensitivity adjustment comes to more smart devices
Also, users can set any Google Assistant-enabled device in their home as the default speaker for playing music, podcast, or other content.
Google’s Action Blocks simplify smartphones for people with cognitive disabilities
Users can create an action block for any task that the Google Assistant can perform, label it with an image of their choice and place it on the home screen.
Google Assistant-powered smart devices getting “Hey Google” sensitivity control feature
The “Hey Google” sensitivity control feature is being rolled out gradually for Google Assistant-powered devices such as smart displays and speakers.
OnePlus phones start receiving Google Assistant-powered ‘Ambient Mode’
The Ambient Mode can also be used as an interface to control smart home devices, display photos from Google Photos, control music playback, and more.
Apple, Amazon and Google will now work together to improve smart homes
Google, Amazon, and Apple are joining forces with other brands to make a new and unified Connected Home platform for all smart home devices
discontinued iPhones
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Alexa is dominating the smart speaker business, while Google Assistant takes a big hit
The latest report from Canalys shows who’s boss in the smart speaker market, with new competition coming from Chinese companies
Research: Alexa is dumber than Siri and Google Assistant
A recent research, taking a look at popular digital assistants Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, and Google Assistant reveals how they compete.
order food using Google
You can now order food using Google Search, Maps or Assistant
When you search for a restaurant using Google Search or Maps, for select partners, Google has added an Order Online button for food delivery.
Google Assistant coming to Sonos speakers in the U.S. next week
Sonos is ready to launch Google Assistant to its smart speakers. The feature is arriving next week and it will initially only be available in the U.S.
Google introduces auto-delete Location History information
The topic of Google recording your Location History is an old one. Luckily, the Android-maker is now introducing new ways to limit its intrusion.
Facebook Assistant planned to compete with Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant
A couple of recent reports are suggesting that Facebook might be working on what could end up being the Facebook Assistant.
Google Assistant Voice Match won’t unlock Android phones anymore
Google Assistant won’t use a matching sample of your voice to authenticate and unlock your phone or tablet anymore. What’s more, there are new privacy measures.
Is Google preparing to scan your face to improve its Assistant?
A recent APK teardown reveals evidence that, in addition to Voice Match, Google might introduce an Assistant feature called Face Match.
The Google Assistant for iPhone just got better thanks to Siri
Siri shortcuts in iPhones are going to help the Google Assistant be more useful to its users after its latest software update