Google integrates Chat to Gmail for all accounts
Now that the feature is integrated within Gmail, you can delete the standalone app.
Gmail for iOS
Gmail for iOS finally gets privacy labels on App Store
Gmail for iOS collects your email address, content such as photos and video and audio data, search history, and your location information.
Gmail simplifies editing and collaborating on Office files sent as email attachment
Workspace users can now reply directly from within the file itself, rather than sending back the edited Office file with a separate email
Gmail app for Android gets a dedicated Google Meet tab
The UI change is already rolling out and will take up to 15 days to appear widely for all users.
Google reveals a major Gmail redesign with deeper Meet, Chat and Docs integration
Google essentially wants to turn Gmail into a one-stop-shop for all your work needs and the goal is to bring all productivity apps in one place.
Gmail gets Split View multitasking support on iPad
The feature is now widely available to all iPad users with a Gmail account and does not require any admin control.
Google Meet comes to the Gmail app for Android and iOS
Google really, really wants you to use its video conferencing solution and is, therefore, integrating it directly into the Gmail app.
Gmail’s teeny-tiny Compose button gets a little bigger with the latest update
It’s the small things in life – or Gmail – that bring joy.
Gmail’s new Quick Settings menu lets you easily customize the look of your inbox
The Quick Settings menu will let you quickly apply a theme, choose an email density layout, play with the inbox type, apply a reading pane, and do more.
Google Meet starts appearing in Gmail sidebar
With Google Meet now appearing in the Gmail sidebar, Google has unleashed another strong weapon to retain users and stop them from switching to rival Zoom.
Google Gboard Emoji Kitchen
Gboard’s Emoji Kitchen allows you to combine emojis to create new ones
Emoji Kitchen enables users to take their favorite emojis and mix them into customized stickers. However, it works only with those supported by Google.
How to avoid paying extra for Gmail
Back in 2004, Gmail’s email storage system seemed unlimited. Today, there are many cases of Gmail users’ losing email functionality because their account storage limits are full. Here are some tips for managing that storage limit without losing your data.
Apple, Google, and Microsoft allow anyone to violate your privacy with an email
Almost all email programs would notify you of potential privacy issues before loading certain emails. That’s no longer the case, so you’re probably being tracked now.
Google and WhatsApp are using AI to kick users, flag spam on a massive scale
Google is using machine learning to block more spam on Gmail. WhatsApp is trying to cut users who spread fake news as an election looms in India.
It’s the end of the road for Inbox by Gmail
Inbox debuted in 2014 as a test lab for new features that let users more easily sort out and reply to emails. Now, Google is shutting that lab down.
We’ve used the Pocophone, but all we have are Pixel 3 XL leaks | #PNWeekly 319
On the show: this year’s iPhones may hurt next year’s, Huawei’s lying to us again with its ads and everything’s leaking like crazy, so just buy a Nokia.
Gmail Confidential Mode
Send confidential emails that self destruct with Gmail on mobile
Gmail Confidential Mode is now available in the Gmail application for both iOS and Android users, allowing to send self destructing, secure, messages.
Gmail Conversation View on mobile can finally be turned off
If you were among those complaining about the Gmail Conversation View being counterproductive, you are now able to disable it.
Google down
Google Tasks is exactly what we’ve been waiting for, here’s why
Learn more about what makes Google Tasks so special, as the company has finally decided to integrate services like GMail
Gmail Go allows users to read and send mail offline
How can you lighten up an email app? You send email, you receive email. That’s pretty much it. Well, it’s part of the Android Go suite of apps.
Google is finally bringing Smart Reply suggestions to Gmail for Android and iOS
First, it was exclusive to Inbox. Then, it expanded to Allo chats. And now, after waiting a little too long, regular Gmail users can enjoy Smart Reply.
Inbox by Gmail streamlines response messages with Smart Reply
Learn how Inbox by Gmail is looking to speed up your email responses with pre-written Smart Reply suggestions.
Gmail for Android picks up handy block-sender, unsubscribe options
Google’s got a couple new additions for Android Gmail users, with the arrival of a new Gmail block feature, and bringing unsubscribe to mobile.