Xiaomi Mi A2 just one of two Android One launches in Spain

Two budget phones coming out of China, but the software eschews any accents of iOS and proprietary services. It’s in Europe now.

Bixby Voice in English may be ready for global launch

The Bixby app and its sub-applications have been updated and there’s mention of Bixby Voice in the app descriptions… but it’s not on yet.

Samsung confirms that Canada will get Bixby Voice “soon”

But will it get both English and French languages fit for Canada or will the country’s Galaxy S8 users get stuck with a global Bixby Voice template?

HTC 10 evo launches as the global HTC Bolt

The HTC Bolt, released for Sprint, has renamed itself and set its sights on the world as the HTC 10 evo. And yes, it has that Snapdragon 810 processor.

Shut it down: Samsung wants to end sales of Galaxy Note 7

For the second time, sales of the Galaxy Note 7 will stop. Samsung has struggled with a week of further explosions thanks to the device’s battery.

Sprint has you covered if you roam to Cuba

Globetrotters aren’t just tall, athletic people with fancy finesse in twirling basketballs.…

Verizon Samsung Galaxy S III Will Support Global Roaming, Just Not At Launch

If Verizon is the network of your choice you will like this one: the carrier has allegedly confirmed that the Galaxy S III on its line-up will support global roaming.