Google announces $999 Glass Enterprise Edition 2 AR glasses

These are wearables you will likely not own, as they are not available for the consumer, but the Glass Enterprise Edition 2 is a cool accessory.

Apple is already working on developing augmented reality glasses

Apple keeps on taking steps towards the development of new augmented reality glasses with the purchase of Akonia Holographics

Cheaper than Snap’s Spectacles, the ACE Eyewear smart glasses support live streaming

Priced at a crazy low $99 for early adopters, the ACE Eyewear smart glasses hide a few extra tricks up their sleeve compared to Snap’s trendy Spectacles.

Samsung’s C-Lab projects for CES 2018 include Relumino glasses and S-Ray speaker

Samsung’s C-Lab idea incubation program will produce three very exciting demos at CES 2018, including one based on a concept initially introduced at MWC 2017.

On Reddit, Foxconn leakers AMA sees impacts on iPhone 8, Apple Iris

A unique, e-ink keyboard for Macs may not appear in color anytime soon while we may never get to see smart glasses from Apple…

Do we need 4K 360-degree video glasses? The ORBI Prime proves popular

In its first day, the ORBI Prime has garnered half of its funding goal. People are excited for some action specs with bleeding edge video possibilities.