Nylon case not guaranteed to protect OnePlus 6 from all drops

One father learned the hard way that even with a case on his new, expensive OnePlus phone, a daughter will find a way to break something.
Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus vs Note 8

Two extra weeks for Galaxy Note 9 to make it thinner

How much of a difference will 0.5mm make? About two weeks’ worth of difference. That said, the Note 9 was on an early track for release anyways…

iPhone X camera glass cracking, people wonder why

The cover glass on the camera system should be made of sapphire and, thus, shouldn’t crack easily — not from keys or coins or even drops.

KGI: LCD iPhone forgoes in-cell touch for two panes of glass

Thicker glass, a pricier implementation of 3D Touch and more of this in 2019 are in the cards with the latest rumors for the mid-range iPhone of this year.

‘Honest’, premium OnePlus 6 design confirmed to use glass back providing ‘sense of value’

The OnePlus 6 will move away from the all-metal chassis of the 5T and the brand’s sandstone roots, embracing a “premium” and “honest” glass design.

Discovered by accident, this self-healing glass doesn’t need heat

Imagine smartphone or tablet screens made of this stuff. No need for cases, no chance of burning your hands through the screen…

All signs point to one 2018 iPhone version sticking to LCD screen, metal case also likely

It simply doesn’t make business sense for Apple to prepare a 2018 iPhone lineup comprised of three OLED models, according to more and more reports.

Motorola could do better than ShatterShield with a patent for memory glass

Moto’s plastic ShatterShield screen might not break into a million pieces, but it scratches easily. How about a self-healing glass instead?

vivo event at MWC China on June 28 may have a phone with on-screen fingerprint sensing

The Chinese manufacturer was recently teased to have a phone with an on-screen fingerprint sensor, though we’ll have to confirm at the event.

Largan will provide glass for 3D scanners, won’t name drop iPhone 8

The Taiwanese manufacturer, which specializes in glasses for mobile cameras, is a noted Apple client, but didn’t mention Apple in this announcement.

Supply chain may strangle Xiaomi Mi 6, leave customers waiting

Production issues with the glass, ceramic and chipset for the phone are not working out for Xiaomi, a company usually behind the ball on stock.

Zagg’s Invisible Shield Galaxy S8 glass protector is not worth its $50 price tag at all

It costs too much and doesn’t provide a proper fit against the phone’s glass, say many, many reviewers on Best Buy’s and Zagg’s site.

In-depth: further details about KGI’s iPhone 8 trio include dual-OIS cameras for Plus

One model with a 5.8-inch OLED display, will wrap around in its body’s walls. Only a 5.2-inch screen portion will be touchable.

Analysts think iPhone 8 may grow screens, stick with the same two physical sizes

The iPhone 7 had a 4.7-inch screen. The iPhone 8 may be the same size phone as its predecessors, but it may come with a bigger screen.

Several reports of LG V20 camera glass cracking come awfully timed for industry

LG has not addressed the issue yet, but Reddit has been able to track down seven cases where small impacts had shattering results for V20 users.

A not-so-much all-glass iPhone 8, as sold by KGI

Apple would like to think that it could get an all-glass iPhone 8 out there, but it seems that KGI Securities thinks it’ll need some stainless steel.

Corning responds to Galaxy Note 7 scratch test, defends Gorilla Glass 5

After JerryRigEverything scratched the Galaxy Note 7 up a treat, Corning had some explaining to do about its Gorilla Glass 5.

Don’t like the fingerprint-prone Moto Z metal back? The Moto Z Play’s glass back may not be better

The metal finishes of the Moto Z and Moto Z Force were just magnets for fingerprints. Will there be less smudging to complain about with the Moto Z Play?

An all-glass iPhone in 2017 and a canceled iPhone in 2016

One of Apple’s subcontractors is figuring out how to make proper glass cases for future iPhones. Another iPhone got canceled, months before release.

Corning introduces Gorilla Glass 5 boasting selfie-height drop survival

Gorilla Glass 5 boasts an 60 percent improvement in drop height and no cracks from spills 80 percent of the time. All for your selfies.

Catcher Technology talks about all-glass iPhone next year

The supplier for Apple’s metal casings for its iPhones talked about how an all-glass iPhone, which he knows is being made for next year, might affect business.

An all-glass iPhone in 2017, as sold by KGI

No more ceramic. No more plastic. And certainly no more aluminium. It’s going to be all-glass for Apple come 2017, at least according to an analyst.

Next-gen Google Glass reveals its hardware in just-published image gallery

An old FCC filing from this summer has finally revealed its previously-confidential content, giving us a bunch of new Google Glass pics.

Google Glass is now Project Aura, as former Amazon employees join the program

Project Aura is the new name of Google Glass, with a second consumer generation worked on by a slew of former Amazon employees, among others.
Google Glass

New Google Glass may not be consumer-ready for at least another year

It’s looking more and more likely that the new Google Glass will be a business-only product for at least the next year.