Possible HTC U12 sighting reported in Taiwan, mystery mid-ranger also benchmarked

Believe it or not, the unreleased HTC U12 flagship phone, codenamed Imagine, may have been shown off in public in Taiwan last week.

Gigabit LTE is apparently real: Verizon hits 1.07Gbps on 4G

Qualcomm’s hope is that you’ll get to use the hardware at the heart of it. What we believe to be the Snapdragon 845’s modem is set on “fiyah.”

Sprint joins forces with Motorola to demo ‘first of many’ Gigabit phones, aka Moto Z 2017

Gigabit Class LTE service is spreading, and the Snapdragon 835-powered Moto Z 2017 looks to be Sprint’s first phone capable of achieving new speed heights.

This ZTE Gigabit Phone sure sounds exciting, but actual 5G speeds remain a pipe dream

The very first of its kind, the aptly named ZTE Gigabit Phone will debut at MWC 2017 later this month with 1 Gbps download speed support… on paper.

Qualcomm brings Gigabit Class LTE and 5G speeds closer with router and modem launches

Qualcomm is at the forefront of Gigabit Class LTE and 5G network technology breakthroughs, unveiling an exciting new router and modem.