XDA Exclusive: Android Q looks to kill back button, go all in on gestures
If you’re a longtime Android user, you may have to suffer one of the biggest design language shifts with Android 10 Q coming soon.
Google gets FCC waiver to progress with Project Soli gesture controls
Google’s skunkworks project that could allow users to control their devices by waving their hands in the air has received a green light for more testing.
The OnePlus team has given hints of what to expect in the OnePlus 6T
The new OnePlus 6T will include many software upgrades that start from a completely new user interface that has been confirmed by the OnePlus team
Living with the Android P beta is actually quite enjoyable
Signing up for it on my phone was easy, the gestures were, for the most part, intuitive and I was saving power from all the new algorithmic features on Android P. And this is a beta version.
Global private DNS in Android P and a new navigation mode
It’s not just about security while internet browsing, but also an iPhone X user interface motif that might get imported to Android P, according to some conspiratorial monitors.
iPhone X resale value
iPhones could get ‘touchless control’ and drastic curves in ‘as little as two to three years’
Apple reportedly sees the iPhones of the (distant) future as curved “gradually from top to bottom”, while supporting various non-touch gesture controls.
This is the OnePlus 6 notch that you’ll need to ‘learn to love’, as it ‘just makes sense’
The OnePlus 6 is technically not official yet, and it may not even be called that way, but we already know exactly what size its notch will be, and why it’s there to begin with.
Essential Phone patched of KRACK with Android 7.1.1 update
The Essential Phone is getting a fix for one scary Wi-Fi vulnerability. On the other hand, some big feature improvements are also in this update.
HTC U, aka Ocean, tipped for early May global release with Edge Sense and SD835
Codenamed Ocean, possibly the most innovative smartphone of 2017 is reportedly breaking cover in April as the HTC U, Snapdragon 835 power and all.
Android 7.1.2 beta 2: Pixel C gets new launcher, Nexus 6P gets fingerprint gestures
The Pixel C finally gets a launcher of its namesake while the Nexus 6P finally gains something its lesser sibling could do since a while back.
New fingerprint sensor move for Nexus 5X in Android 7.1.2 update
The Maintenance Review features a new gesture that is actually carried over from the Google Pixel. The Nexus 6P might get it soon.
Microsoft getting patent for fingerprint authentication gestures
You can do a lot of things with fingerprint sensors on phones these days, but if you can consolidate quick actions with gestures, you’ve got time to save.
Google shows off Project Soli evolution in gesture-controlled smartwatch
Project Soli is another extremely ambitious and futuristic Google concept, envisioning a future where you can control every gadget from a distance.
Ultrasonic touch gesture control previewed for smartphones
Learn how the new ultrasound-based in-air gesture control system for phones differs from existing optical techniques.
Why a top screen edge gesture doesn’t belong on a smartphone
Find out why top screen edge gesture controls for Smartphones is a really bad idea for one-handed usability.
Building your own gestures
Gestures are an evolving concept for smartphones and tablets, but a major obstacle is the learning curve involved. What if that could be eliminated?
iOS 7 gestures might allow for a bigger iPhone – but that’s not what’s most exciting
The new iOS 7 gestures-based interface is very cool, and it makes it easier to imagine a bigger iPhone. But I’m more excited for the cleaner UI it brings.