Galaxy Watch seen at FCC with sleeker package
The latest Samsung smartwatch is expected to launch in just weeks and we finally know to some extent how it will fit on your wrist.
Galaxy Watch and Galaxy Note 9 will be Unpacked together, sources say
They will be announced and sold at the same time, breaking several of Samsung’s long held traditions in the process. Software specifics remain unknown.
Samsung Gear S4 might be no more, but we’re still getting a Watch
Find out what to expect for the new Galaxy Watch that will take the place as the successor of the Gear S3
LG Wear OS launch perhaps this month, Samsung waits for IFA
The LG Watch Timepiece may launch well before the Galaxy Watch this year, but whenever the come out, will consumers snap them up?
Blood pressure sensing comes with Galaxy Watch
We also learn a little bit about the battery with this rumor insertion, but what about the software? What about Wear OS or Tizen or something in-between?
Gear S4 and Galaxy Tab S4 could join Galaxy Note 9 for launch
Samsung could be getting multiple devices for an “Unpacking” all at the same time this summer. The rumors seem to be lining up.
Three Gear S4 colors rumored, five Galaxy Note 9 options envisioned
Samsung is expected to release the Gear S4 smartwatch soon in two main variants and three color options, while the Galaxy Note 9 could come in five hues.
Samsung Gear S4 battery will get 24 percent larger battery than Gear S3
The Galaxy Note 9 is the hottest piece of talk for Samsung right now with its supposedly huge power pack. But what about the Galaxy Watch?
Blass: Samsung Galaxy Watch with Wear OS not what it seems
An evleaks tweet is taking Wear OS out of the realm of probability for Samsung’s upcoming smartwatch. Is it Tizen all the way?
Apple v. Samsung ends, the HTC U12+ begins | #PNWeekly 306
Nearly seven years later, we may finally have reached the end of this argument between two bickering tech giants. That and a really big phone this week on our show!
Could Gear S4 actually be Wear OS-powered Galaxy Watch?
It’s been nigh on four years since the Gear Live launched. It was the first and only Samsung smartwatch to have Android Wear.
Samsung Gear S4 now testing LTE on US networks
We don’t expect major changes to the Gear S4 from previous models, but we do expect a new model to come in various network compatibilities.
Samsung’s internally calling what may be the Gear S4 “Galileo”
The bulk of the details are still under house arrest as Galileo once was, but we think we know that we can sleep better at night with this smartwatch.
Tizen 3.0-powered Samsung Gear Sport looks… sporty in blurry leaked material
As the name suggests, the Samsung Gear Sport will follow last year’s Gear S3 with an enhanced fitness focus and less elegant design.
Samsung confirms new Gear smartwatch for IFA debut next week, smart speaker also coming ‘soon’
Without giving away too much, Samsung has slated the Gear S3’s sequel for an IFA 2017 announcement, with a smart speaker coming further down the line.