Samsung Gear S3 frontier and classic are finally available in Verizon stores with standalone LTE

Both the “frontier” and “classic” versions of the Tizen-powered Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch with LTE speeds have started selling with Verizon.

AT&T will launch LTE-capable Samsung Gear S3 classic on May 26 starting at $250

The extra-stylish Samsung Gear S3 classic smartwatch with standalone 4G LTE connectivity is coming to AT&T this week at a fairly reasonable price.

What a mess: Verizon delays LTE-enabled Samsung Gear S3 again, this time to late June

Almost seven long months after AT&T and T-Mobile launched the LTE-capable Samsung Gear S3, Verizon still hasn’t managed to follow suit.

Samsung Gear S3 gets LTE support in Classic flavor, hot concepts at Baselworld

The “classically” designed Samsung Gear S3 will feature its own 4G LTE speeds soon, while those mouth-watering concepts look like a pipe dream.