Samsung Black Friday deals are giving great discounts on Phones, Wearables and more
Samsung Black Friday deals are already live, and you can start to choose which devices you want to buy before they run out
Samsung Gear S4 might be no more, but we’re still getting a Watch
Find out what to expect for the new Galaxy Watch that will take the place as the successor of the Gear S3
Hotel chain deploys Samsung Gear S3 to serve guests
It’s not the Apple Watch that will have hospitality management software for Viceroy employees to use. It’s the Gear S3. With LTE.
Samsung Gear S4 battery will get 24 percent larger battery than Gear S3
The Galaxy Note 9 is the hottest piece of talk for Samsung right now with its supposedly huge power pack. But what about the Galaxy Watch?
Best Buy throws in gift cards with Gear S3, Gear Sport and Fit2 Pro ‘Cyber Week’ purchases
If you’re still looking for a decently affordable wearable device, Samsung’s Gear S3, Gear Sport and Fit2 Pro are sold with gift cards at Best Buy.
Samsung has Black Friday deals on phones, smartwatches and tablets coming soon
A few gadgets are already on special sale at Samsung’s official US e-store, with many other Black Friday deals coming November 19 and 23.
Best Buy reveals huge list of sweet Black Friday deals, and many of them are already live
Best Buy has more Black Friday 2017 deals incoming than we can handle, so it’s certainly nice that hundreds of discounts are also offered early.
Tizen 3.0-powered Samsung Gear Sport looks… sporty in blurry leaked material
As the name suggests, the Samsung Gear Sport will follow last year’s Gear S3 with an enhanced fitness focus and less elegant design.
Samsung confirms new Gear smartwatch for IFA debut next week, smart speaker also coming ‘soon’
Without giving away too much, Samsung has slated the Gear S3’s sequel for an IFA 2017 announcement, with a smart speaker coming further down the line.
Where to buy the Samsung Galaxy S20
Best Buy is discounting a selection of Apple gear and more for 50 hours, iPhone SE deal already on
Best Buy is celebrating 51 years with 50 hours of “Black Friday-like” deals on iPhones, iPads and more, with the prepaid SE already discounted to $150.
Samsung Gear S3 frontier TUMI Special Edition offers ‘luxury’ design at reasonable price point
A fancy new Samsung Gear S3 frontier edition caters to US-based lovers of luxury wearable designs on relatively tight budgets.
Samsung Gear S3 frontier and classic are finally available in Verizon stores with standalone LTE
Both the “frontier” and “classic” versions of the Tizen-powered Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch with LTE speeds have started selling with Verizon.
Samsung Gear S3 scores both $50 discount and $50 coupon, two Fossil Q models also on sale
With discounts and gift cards, the Tizen-powered Samsung Gear S3 and Android Wear 2.0-running Fossil Q may just be the best Apple Watch alternatives around.
Samsung Gear S3 software update adds onto US experience
New apps are on the store while new features have piled onto units bought from AT&T. More units to get updated soon enough.
Samsung Gear S3
AT&T will launch LTE-capable Samsung Gear S3 classic on May 26 starting at $250
The extra-stylish Samsung Gear S3 classic smartwatch with standalone 4G LTE connectivity is coming to AT&T this week at a fairly reasonable price.
What a mess: Verizon delays LTE-enabled Samsung Gear S3 again, this time to late June
Almost seven long months after AT&T and T-Mobile launched the LTE-capable Samsung Gear S3, Verizon still hasn’t managed to follow suit.
Samsung Pay launches ‘officially’ in Sweden and the UAE, with ‘early access’ for Hong Kong and Switzerland
Samsung Pay raises its availability count to no less than 14 markets around the world, including Sweden, the UAE, Hong Kong and Switzerland.
Unreported Tizen vulnerabilities believed to be in the dozens
The operating system that Samsung wants to replace Android with on its smartphones is ripe with hacking holes and old code.
Samsung Gear S3
Samsung Gear S3 gets LTE support in Classic flavor, hot concepts at Baselworld
The “classically” designed Samsung Gear S3 will feature its own 4G LTE speeds soon, while those mouth-watering concepts look like a pipe dream.
Strong Apple Watch holiday demand bumped Q4 and full-year smartwatch sales to new records
It’s definitely not surprising to hear the Apple Watch dominated global smartwatch shipments yet again, but holiday demand was unexpectedly strong.
Select Samsung Gear wearables are finally properly compatible with iPhones
Full iPhone compatibility officially exits Samsung Gear S2 beta, also expanding to the Gear S3 smartwatch and Gear Fit 2 fitness band.
Spotify gets on Gear S3 and S2, finally
The uber-popular streaming music service is finally on one of the top smartwatch platforms with more than just playback controls.
Certified refurbished Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch available for crazy low $110 today only
With a 60 day warranty, enduringly impressive overall specs and, likely, 3G Verizon support, this $110 refurbished Samsung Gear S2 is a must-buy.
Samsung Gear S2 scores major ‘Value Pack’ update centered on Gear S3 functions
The second ever sizable Value Pack update rolling out OTA to the Samsung Gear S2 brings to the table a boatload of Gear S3 goodies.
Samsung Pay on Gear S3 watch is ‘not available with’ Pixel phones… yet
Technically, Samsung Pay can now work on any relatively new Android phone with the Gear S3 watch. In reality, Google Pixels aren’t supported yet.