Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch predictably coming in Classic variation too
Still no big surprises anticipated as far as the fast-approaching Samsung Gear S3 is concerned, with a Classic configuration tipped in Korea.
Samsung Gear S2 Band Adapter arrives to pair the watch with your 20mm strap of choice
Fancy the Samsung Gear S2 but wish it were compatible with standard 20mm watch straps? Well, now it is, thanks to an official Band Adapter.
Best Buy massively discounts Samsung Gear S2 and S2 Classic in refurb condition
Think the Apple Watch is affordable, at $300 and up? You can get the beautiful Samsung Gear S2 for half as much from Best Buy in like-new condition.
Samsung Gear S2 Classic 3G goes up for pre-orders at AT&T and Verizon
Verizon and AT&T want to ship you a beautiful, 3G-enabled Samsung Gear S2 Classic watch with your Galaxy S7 phone on March 11.
Samsung Gear S2 Classic 3G is the world’s first wearable with an embedded SIM
The Samsung Gear S2 Classic 3G isn’t only cellular-enabled, also complying with a new GSMA standard for eSIM technology.
Samsung’s new Gear S2 Classic color options go up for sale tomorrow
First announced back in December, we’re finally about to see the start of retail availability for the two new Gear S2 Classic colors: rose gold and platinum.
US pricing for Samsung Gear S2 Classic Rose Gold and Platinum editions finally revealed
It was easy to predict, and now it’s official – the Samsung Gear S2 Classic Rose Gold and Platinum models aren’t a lot pricier than standard versions.
Samsung Gear S2 Classic ‘New Edition’ launches in China ahead of global spread
Nowhere near as luxurious as the all-gold Apple Watch Edition, the Samsung Gear S2 Classic Rose Gold and Platinum start their world tour on Chinese shores.
CES 2016 Day 3 wrap-up: AOT, HP, Intel, Samsung, and more
CES 2016 has officially started, and, it is pretty much over. That doesn’t mean that Day 3 (which is the official day one of CES) was a boring one. Click to see what you missed.
Samsung Gear S2 Classic (Rose Gold and Platinum Edition!) Hands-On [Video]
How do you fancify a very compact, very simple smartwatch? Add Rose Gold onto it, of course. And then add 18-karat gold to boot. We put our hands on it.
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When you’re just four days out from the new year, you know…
Samsung Gear S2 deemed a hit in Korea, where it’s twice as popular as the original
No official Samsung Gear S2 sales numbers have been disclosed yet, but Korean media reports the smartwatch is in very high demand locally.
Samsung Gear S2 sees inaugural Korean pre-order inventory depleted in record time
The Tizen-powered, Android-compatible Samsung Gear S2 watch reportedly started Korean pre-sales with a bang, although 1,000 units is quite a small sample.
Samsung Gear S2 hands on
At IFA 2015, Samsung dropped the most compelling smartwatch we’ve seen from the company. Join us for a hands on look at the Samsung Gear S2!
Samsung Gear S2 pricing looks like it could be on the steeper side of things
Samsung may not have said anything during its launch announcement earlier this week, but we’re now starting to pick up details about Gear S2 pricing.
Samsung formally announces Gear S2 and Gear S2 classic with rotating-bezel control
Samsung couldn’t wait for IFA: get all the details on the Gear S2 smartwatch now, including its classic edition and the voice-supporting 3G version.