Samsung makes long overdue jump from 28 to 14nm wearable processors with Exynos 7270
The Samsung Exynos 7270 is the industry’s very first 14nm-based mobile application processor designed specifically for wearables.
The Ticwatch 2 is a crowdfunded twist on Android Wear
The Ticwatch 2 supports both Android and iPhones, has some interesting software and unique hardware and is on Kickstarter through August 25.
“Solis” smartwatch likely Samsung Gear S3
There’s supposedly a codename for Samsung’s next major smartwatch which may come soon. Not much light on the Gear S3 otherwise.
Samsung Gear S2 Band Adapter arrives to pair the watch with your 20mm strap of choice
Fancy the Samsung Gear S2 but wish it were compatible with standard 20mm watch straps? Well, now it is, thanks to an official Band Adapter.
Samsung’s new Gear S2 Classic color options go up for sale tomorrow
First announced back in December, we’re finally about to see the start of retail availability for the two new Gear S2 Classic colors: rose gold and platinum.
2 gadgets, 1 number: hands-on with AT&T NumberSync
We spent a week with AT&T NumberSync, a simpler version of Google Voice that lets you use the same phone number for your phone, watch, and tablet.
AT&T tries to move Samsung Galaxy phones with free Gear S2 deal
Get the details on the new AT&T free Samsung Gear S2 deal, for users buying new Galaxy phones on AT&T Next.
Samsung Gear S2 Classic (Rose Gold and Platinum Edition!) Hands-On [Video]
How do you fancify a very compact, very simple smartwatch? Add Rose Gold onto it, of course. And then add 18-karat gold to boot. We put our hands on it.
Samsung Gear S2 review: the bezel spins both ways
When we took Samsung’s first smartwatch flagship, we pinned the thing as…