Samsung has Black Friday deals on phones, smartwatches and tablets coming soon
A few gadgets are already on special sale at Samsung’s official US e-store, with many other Black Friday deals coming November 19 and 23.
Tizen 3.0-powered Samsung Gear Sport looks… sporty in blurry leaked material
As the name suggests, the Samsung Gear Sport will follow last year’s Gear S3 with an enhanced fitness focus and less elegant design.
Select Samsung Gear wearables are finally properly compatible with iPhones
Full iPhone compatibility officially exits Samsung Gear S2 beta, also expanding to the Gear S3 smartwatch and Gear Fit 2 fitness band.
Spotify gets on Gear S3 and S2, finally
The uber-popular streaming music service is finally on one of the top smartwatch platforms with more than just playback controls.
Certified refurbished Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch available for crazy low $110 today only
With a 60 day warranty, enduringly impressive overall specs and, likely, 3G Verizon support, this $110 refurbished Samsung Gear S2 is a must-buy.
Samsung Gear S2 scores major ‘Value Pack’ update centered on Gear S3 functions
The second ever sizable Value Pack update rolling out OTA to the Samsung Gear S2 brings to the table a boatload of Gear S3 goodies.
Early Korean Samsung Gear S3 sales suggest slight uptick over 2015 Gear S2 results
The Tizen-powered Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch is already shaping up as a moderate box-office hit, at least on the OEM’s domestic shores.
Samsung Pay on Gear S3 smartwatch could work with ‘other’ Android phones
Samsung Pay functionality on the brand-new Gear S3 smartwatch may extend to Android phones from rival brands, according to an unconfirmed rumor.
Samsung unveils wide but underwhelming range of upcoming Black Friday deals
Samsung has numerous Black Friday discounts up its sleeve on phones, tablets and wearables stateside, but nothing on the Galaxy S7.
Samsung Gear S2 software update leaves many without email notifications
Gear S2 owners got a Gear Manager app update that caused email alerts to pop up on their watch without showing what the message is about.
Garmin is the lone winner of a disastrous Q3 smartwatch report, as Apple and Lenovo crash and burn
Believe it or not, Garmin was the only smartwatch player that impressed with its Q3 2016 sales numbers, as Apple posted disappointing scores.
Samsung makes long overdue jump from 28 to 14nm wearable processors with Exynos 7270
The Samsung Exynos 7270 is the industry’s very first 14nm-based mobile application processor designed specifically for wearables.
We thought the Samsung Gear S2 iOS beta wouldn’t happen, but it’s happening
Pairing a Gear S2 to an iPhone has been impossible. Verizon customers were supposed to be able to perform this mythical task… but they couldn’t.
Super-sweet eBay sale has refurbished Samsung Gear S2 going for $100 ($200+ off)
There’s no better time to purchase the Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch than just before the Gear S3 launch, at a crazy low refurb price of $100.
Apple Watch 2 cellular antennas perhaps just wishful thinking
Even though 3G and LTE on a smartwatch would ease up plenty in your mobile life, Apple won’t take a chance on it supposedly until it uses less power.
Samsung sends Gear S3-alluding invites for IFA 2016 event on September 1
September 1 should see the Samsung Gear S3 and, likely, Galaxy Tab S3 officially unveiled just ahead of the IFA 2016 official start in Berlin.
Unlocked Samsung Gear S2 Classic 4G now sold at 40 percent discount in refurb condition
Hands down the best limited-time Samsung Gear S2 Classic 4G deal to date has the smartwatch in refurbished condition fetching $240 instead of $400.
Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch predictably coming in Classic variation too
Still no big surprises anticipated as far as the fast-approaching Samsung Gear S3 is concerned, with a Classic configuration tipped in Korea.
AT&T Galaxy Note 7 deals and availability detailed
You have options for a free Galaxy Note 7 with your Galaxy Note 7 or a Gear S2 smartwatch. Top it all off with a 99-cent Galaxy Tab E.
Here are a few of the sensors likely built into the fitness-friendly Samsung Gear S3
Alongside the basics, i.e. an accelerometer, gyroscope and heart rate monitor, the looming Samsung Gear S3 could pack GPS, an altimeter, and speedometer.
Samsung Gear S3 Frontier could be the full name of the next-gen Tizen smartwatch
Most likely due out in early September at IFA Berlin, the next big Tizen smartwatch could carry the eccentric Samsung Gear S3 Frontier moniker.
The Ticwatch 2 is a crowdfunded twist on Android Wear
The Ticwatch 2 supports both Android and iPhones, has some interesting software and unique hardware and is on Kickstarter through August 25.
Smartwatch market shrinks, Apple is the main victim
Apple still tops IDC’s list of top smartwatch shippers, but its fall from its debut peak has us questioning when an Apple Watch 2 can come by.
Samsung Gear S2 gains Samsung Pay love, sort of
Learn more about some of the recent updates that have reached the Samsung Gear S2 in beta, as now it seems that Samsung Pay goes available to all
Samsung starts rolling out big Gear S2 ‘Value Pack’ update
A feature-stuffed “Value Pack” update is officially headed to the Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch, which may or may not also get a sequel before long.