Android Wear on Samsung Gear not happening again anytime soon [UPDATE]
Samsung has made one Android Wear watch and it will only make one Android Wear watch. It’s sticking with its homemade Tizen OS.
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Apple Watch easily tops Q3 smartwatch sales chart, Samsung is a distant second
Global smartwatch sales reached an estimate 6.1 million units in Q3 2015, according to a research firm, with Apple the market’s comfortable leader.
Most exciting things of 2014
Looking back, we’re trying to find the 2014 winners in mobile technology. If you disagree with our editors, name your 2014 winners in the comments.
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Samsung talks Gear S design, forgets about its cell-enabled competition
Don’t get us wrong, we quite like the Gear S, but it’s not quite the groundbreaking first 3G-enabled smartwatch Samsung seems to think it is.
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