Samsung is preparing to deliver something new called ‘Samsung Buds’
We may see new Bluetooth earphones with Bixby digital assistant in the new Samsung Buds that could also be a new name for a known Samsung product
Samsung throws in free Gear IconX headphones with Galaxy Note 8 and S8 purchases
For a limited time, you can get the Galaxy Note 8 from Samsung for as little as $450 (with a trade-in), gratis Gear IconX fitness earbuds included.
Samsung has Black Friday deals on phones, smartwatches and tablets coming soon
A few gadgets are already on special sale at Samsung’s official US e-store, with many other Black Friday deals coming November 19 and 23.
Sale leaves original Samsung Gear IconX wireless buds at 75 percent off
Wireless earbuds — for better or for worse — have their place in the mobile audio-scape in 2017. And you can get in these days for cheap.
Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro and Icon X (2018) Hands On!
Samsung has new fitness tech to show off for IFA 2017! Here’s our first impressions of the Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro and Icon X (2018) wireless earbuds!
Meet Samsung’s next-gen wearables: the Gear Sport, Gear Fit2 Pro and IconX 2018
The fitness-focused Samsung Gear Sport smartwatch leads the company’s new pack of wearable devices also including a Fit2 Pro and IconX 2018.
Samsung Gear IconX deal takes $50 off for a “limited time”
Wireless earbuds that come with a heart rate monitor, no awkward stems and in multiple colors are now cheaper than AirPods for a “limited time”.
Rumors of Samsung Galaxy S8 wireless earbuds add fuel to the no-jack fire
It’s starting to sound increasingly plausible that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will ditch the 3.5mm jack, coming with fancy new wireless headphones instead.
Wearables market led by FitBit and Xiaomi in third quarter
The Apple Watch wasn’t widely available until the second half of September. Samsung’s Gear S3 didn’t pop up until the middle of last month.
Slight deal on Samsung Gear IconX if you check Amazon
The wireless earbuds are typically butting against $200 because they’re new, but hey! 10 percent ain’t too bad for something with a heart rate monitor.
The Jabra Elite Sport are the wireless earbuds you can dunk in water
In fact, you could almost swim with them… but you wouldn’t because stuff in your ears and water isn’t terribly practical. Jabra still claims a first.
It’s Galaxy Note 7 launch day, here are a bunch of accessories also on sale
So many accessories to peddle to you. A VR headset and a camera to make VR content. A fitness band, a wired wireless headset or really wireless earbuds.
Gear IconX release date gets moved back to other Samsung launches
The wireless earbuds will go on sale in the US later than expected, but it should be in-line with Samsung’s other product launches in a couple of weeks.
Samsung Gear 360, IconX earbuds US availability starts in two weeks
The Gear IconX wireless earbuds will go on sale at retailers on August 15 while the Gear 360 camera will hit shelves starting August 19.
‘Truly’ cord-free Samsung Gear IconX fitness earbuds roll out in select markets today
The somewhat overlooked and undervalued Samsung Gear IconX hybrid fitness device is gunning for a few minutes of fame with a limited commercial launch.
Samsung Gear Fit 2 launches soon, Gear IconX gets shown off [UPDATE]
Samsung’s latest wearable dedicated to tracking your fitness is ready to go. Its fitness-focused earbuds, the Gear IconX, also are on display.
Samsung unwillingly spills the beans on the Gear Fit 2 and Gear IconX wearables
One resembles the Microsoft Band 2, and the other looks like a bland pair of earbuds at first sight. Meet the Gear Fit 2 and IconX wearables… again.
Upcoming Samsung wearables leak: Gear Fit 2 wristband, Gear IconX earbuds
Samsung’s next generation of fitness wearables has just leaked, revealing the Samsung Gear IconX and Gear Fit 2.