Samsung stays in the gift-giving spirit with Gear Fit2 Pro freebie for Galaxy S8 buyers
For 24 hours only, unlocked Galaxy S8 and S8+ shoppers can get a complimentary Gear Fit2 Pro wearable device from Samsung.
Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro still supports Android phones only, iOS app ‘pending approval’
It’s taken quite a while back in the day to make the Gear S2 compatible with iPhones, and the Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro doesn’t support iOS either just yet.
Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro casually appears on official website, full specs in tow
The waterproof Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro wearable device is official and out, with a complete list of specs and features up on the company’s website.
Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro likely to cost $200 stateside, $20 more than the Gear Fit 2 MSRP
It makes sense for the upgraded Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro to be slightly pricier than its predecessor, but discounts might be needed to make it a smart buy.
Unreported Tizen vulnerabilities believed to be in the dozens
The operating system that Samsung wants to replace Android with on its smartphones is ripe with hacking holes and old code.
Samsung Gear Fit 2 launches soon, Gear IconX gets shown off [UPDATE]
Samsung’s latest wearable dedicated to tracking your fitness is ready to go. Its fitness-focused earbuds, the Gear IconX, also are on display.
Full Samsung Gear Fit 2 specs prematurely revealed: high-res screen, dual-core CPU, 512MB RAM
We have confirmation of the nearly complete Samsung Gear Fit 2 list of features, not from the horse’s mouth, but an extremely reliable source still.
Charming Samsung Charm fitness band gears up for wide release at low price
Before the Gear Fit 2 goes official, the ultra-low-cost Samsung Charm aims to put the company back on the map as far as smart bands are concerned.
Samsung Gear Fit 2 rumored to come out next month with all-in-one bio-processor
It didn’t sound as exciting as the Gear S3 or even Gear IconX at first, but the Samsung Gear Fit 2 is now shaping up as the ultimate activity tracker.
Samsung Gear Fit 2 activity tracker further showcased in colorful renders
Three photo shoots in less than two weeks. We’re not complaining, but let’s hope you’re not already bored by the unreleased Samsung Gear Fit 2.
Samsung unwillingly spills the beans on the Gear Fit 2 and Gear IconX wearables
One resembles the Microsoft Band 2, and the other looks like a bland pair of earbuds at first sight. Meet the Gear Fit 2 and IconX wearables… again.
November’s barely started, and “pre-Black Friday” sales are already upon us
Thought you still had a few weeks to go before holiday shopping got crazy? We’re afraid not, as pre-Black Friday sales come to Best Buy this weekend.
5 reasons the Samsung Gear Fit doesn’t suck as much as your nerd friends say it does
Part smartwatch, part fitness band, the Samsung Gear Fit is one of the company’s most unique offerings, but it also gets a lot of undeserved hate.
Samsung smartwatch market share rises to 71% following strong first quarter sales
Following a powerful first quarter sales showing, it was only inevitable that the Samsung smartwatch market share would rise as it has done.
Samsung Gear Fit review “pre-buttal” (Video)
Our Gear Fit review is forthcoming, but some of our impressions just can’t wait. Join us for a Pocketnow first: the Samsung Gear Fit review “pre-buttal.”
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We fired up Samsung’s fitness suite on a Galaxy S5 and Gear Fit for a promenade and a paddle. See how well -and wet- it went, in our Galaxy S Health review!
Samsung needs to open its Gear smartwatches to other phones
Gear smartwatch support is easily one of the worst aspects of Samsung’s watch. Read why Samsung limiting Gears to its own devices may ultimately fail.
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Samsung has fixed its Gear pricing … sort of
Last week, we finally got official word on Samsung’s Gear 2 pricing. At $300, is the watch still overpriced? Read on for our take!
Official Gear 2, Gear Fit pricing aligns nicely with earlier leaks
See what we’ve heard about Samsung Gear 2 pricing, as well as what you’ll pay for the Gear Fit.
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We get our first look at potential Samsung Gear 2 pricing, including the Neo and Fit, but are these prices just too steep to resonate with shoppers?
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