Nintendo Switch Bluetooth Audio Adapter
Q1 sales have been great for US video game industry
US video game industry reports record-breaking sales numbers thanks to the coronavirus pandemic
New Apple Media Event will honor favorite apps and games of 2019
Apple has sent out invites for a new media event that is going to honor favorite apps and games of this 2019
The latest Nintendo Switch model gets a $50 discount with a free game and accessory
Walmart has an interesting Nintendo Switch bundle that allows you to get a free game and accessory with purchase, and it ships free
Samsung could get Galaxy-exclusive games from Niantic
We could see Samsung Galaxy-exclusive games coming soon after the chaebol seems to be investing a large sum of money to help Niantic develop games
Be My Eyes, Empires & Puzzles and Flipkart top eclectic list of 2018 Google Play Award winners
Far from a popularity contest, the 2018 Google Play Awards were handed out to a mix of mainstream hits and obscure underdogs including BBC Earth: Life in VR and Episode by Pocket Gems.
Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp hits Android and iOS next month
The target date for roll-out is late November. Click through to get a full 13-minute demo on what to expect in Pocket Camp!
App Store redesign also coming along soon with iOS 11
iOS 11 will bring the first makeover of the App Store in its nine-year history. The design gets paginated and new modules come slotted in place.
Oculus faces developer backlash over founder’s politics
Palmer Luckey revealed that he was the vice president of a non-profit that advocated for a Donald Trump presidency. Oculus VR devs are leaving the platform.
You can now start sharing stuff within your Google Play Family Library
Apps, games, e-books and movies are now shareable between family and friends on a Google Play account. Google Play Music sharing is in four new markets.
“Futurama: Game of Drones” is a Matt Groening mobile game revival
We’re thankful that we can use that header image unironically. And while…
Top 5 iOS Games You’re Not Playing (Video)
There are a lot of great uses for smartphones and tablets, from…
Nintendo’s future “NX” console may be powered by Android
Learn more about the Nintendo NX, as trusted sources are claiming that there may be some Android within the guts of this new game console
App hoarders: what apps do you use, Pocketnow?
Everyone has their own set of must-have applications. So what do the Pocketnow Editors rank as their must-haves? Read this collaborative list to find out!
Massive list of Xbox games updated with support for WP8, 512MB of RAM
Nearly 40 Xbox games updates have been released today, enabling them to work on Windows Phone 8 and on phones with 512MB of RAM.
Out There review (Video)
Out There is a space exploration strategy game for Android and iOS. We give our full thoughts on the Out There game in this video review!
Apple and Google’s next gaming strategy is exclusivity deals?
Even though many complain that playing a game on the iPhone’s minuscule…
How NVIDIA can win with the SHIELD 2
The NVIDIA SHIELD wasn’t nearly as successful as NVIDIA had hoped. How can the company avoid a similar story with the SHIELD 2? Read on to find out!
What makes an addictive mobile game?
There is no clear cut formula, but a lot of the most frustratingly addictive mobile games have a few things in common. Learn what they are here!
What’s the best tablet size for gaming? (Poll)
Tablets come in an array of sizes and shapes. Which is the best tablet size for gaming? Take our poll to let us know your thoughts!
What are your New Year’s tech resolutions?
With 2013 drawing to a close, we’re realizing all the things we have and haven’t done. What are our New Year’s tech resolutions? Read on to find out!
Is there no proper way to make gaming-focused smartphone hardware?
Smartphone gaming is a quickly growing industry, but the biggest setback is hardware. Read why great smartphone gaming hardware may be a pipe dream.
The best classic board games for iPad (Video)
In the App Store, there are literally thousands of classic games. What are the best classic board games for iPad? Watch this video to find out!
Top 5 iPad games (Video)
Apple’s iPad has received a lot of attention from game developers over the years. Watch this video to learn about the best iPad games!
Top 5 games for Windows Phone (Video)
The Windows Phone store isn’t the ghost town it once was. More games and apps are constantly being added. Watch this video for the top Windows Phone games!
Why Android-powered game consoles are better in theory than in practice
Mobile gaming is a growing industry that continues to impress. Read why dedicated Android game consoles, however, will continue to disappoint.