Nintendo Switch Bluetooth Audio Adapter
Q1 sales have been great for US video game industry
US video game industry reports record-breaking sales numbers thanks to the coronavirus pandemic
New Apple Media Event will honor favorite apps and games of 2019
Apple has sent out invites for a new media event that is going to honor favorite apps and games of this 2019
The latest Nintendo Switch model gets a $50 discount with a free game and accessory
Walmart has an interesting Nintendo Switch bundle that allows you to get a free game and accessory with purchase, and it ships free
Samsung could get Galaxy-exclusive games from Niantic
We could see Samsung Galaxy-exclusive games coming soon after the chaebol seems to be investing a large sum of money to help Niantic develop games
Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp hits Android and iOS next month
The target date for roll-out is late November. Click through to get a full 13-minute demo on what to expect in Pocket Camp!
What makes an addictive mobile game?
There is no clear cut formula, but a lot of the most frustratingly addictive mobile games have a few things in common. Learn what they are here!
What’s the best tablet size for gaming? (Poll)
Tablets come in an array of sizes and shapes. Which is the best tablet size for gaming? Take our poll to let us know your thoughts!
Max Payne Mobile for Android Now Available In the Play Store
Don’t worry, it is now available, as Max Payne Mobile makes its way to the Google Play Store.
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We’ve reported on FpseCE for Windows Mobile a few times in the…
Let’s Golf HD Android Game Free for HTC EVO 4G & Nexus One Users
Gameloft is giving away one of its more popular Android games, Let’s…
Turn Your Android Phone into a Tricorder
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Xperia X2 Experiment 13 Game Ripped
The Xperia X1 came with a great game called Xtrakt, which is…