Premium smartphone price times two equals Samsung Galaxy F?
According to an unnamed Samsung executive, the upcoming Galaxy F foldable smartphone will come in at a pretty high price point.
Samsung teases its foldable phone for Galaxy S10 Unpacked on February 20
We might see the Samsung foldable phone, on one capacity or another, at the February 20 Galaxy S10 Unpacked event, the company teases.
Galaxy S10 and Galaxy F reportedly coming in February, as Samsung CEO is betting big on them
A recent report from Korea claims that the Galaxy S10 or X, and the foldable Galaxy F are coming in February and CEO is hopeful about them.
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Samsung foldable smartphone will get its own Infinity Display
A recent trademark filing indicates that Samsung’s upcoming foldable smartphone will feature its own Infinity Display. Check it out!
foldable smartphone
The Samsung foldable smartphone will not use Gorilla Glass
A newly published report claims that the Samsung foldable smartphone will not use Gorilla Glass, or any other glass for that matter.
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Four-camera Samsung smartphone coming October 11
Samsung is sending out invites to a Galaxy event on October 11 where it promises to bring four times the fun. What could it be?
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Samsung Galaxy F sounds logical for a new folding smartphone
Samsung may be considering a new name for its new foldable device, the Samsung Galaxy F, that may come with a pretty large price tag
Can the “Unbreakable Panel” keep Samsung’s Super AMOLED screens safe?
For the longest time, smartphone makers have used glass to protect the underlying display from damage. Could plastic be the future?
We may not see more Galaxy S devices after the Samsung Galaxy S10
Find out which are the reasons that Samsung might have to pull the plug on its Samsung Galaxy S flagship phones after delivering the Galaxy S10
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Foldable Samsung phone could pack big curved battery, screen production starting soon
In addition to a flexible screen expected to start “pilot” production this summer, that mythical first foldable Samsung phone could also use a curved cell.
Samsung’s Project V was a foldable phone much like the Axon M was one
If you recall what ZTE did in taking a second screen and tacking it onto a phone, this is what this canceled prototype was going for.
Galaxy X? Galaxy SX? Galaxy S10? Samsung’s 2019 conundrum
Keep in mind that as Samsung approaches the tenth iteration of its flagship smartphone series next year that there’s the potential of the foldable phone concept materializing that same year. Coincidence?
SM-G888 is not the Galaxy X, but a phone for a bullet train
Samsung has launched an LTE network dedicated to a railway and is equipping its staff with a special phone to communicate with each other at high speeds. It doesn’t fold up.
Folding Galaxy X (SM-G888) seen at Korean regulator
Samsung said it would be slow-playing the Galaxy X, but it has been working with certification processes for a device that could be said foldable phone.
Samsung offers a taste of the future with demo of foldable 5.7-inch display prototype
The dream of a fully foldable Samsung smartphone or tablet continues to feel like a very distant one, despite a recent showcase of a screen prototype.