New round of early Best Buy Black Friday deals includes $50 Moto G4 Play and dirt-cheap Samsung tabs

Best Buy pulls the trigger on a number of Black Friday mobile deals today, selling the Verizon prepaid Moto G4 Play, for instance, at $50.

Samsung unveils wide but underwhelming range of upcoming Black Friday deals

Samsung has numerous Black Friday discounts up its sleeve on phones, tablets and wearables stateside, but nothing on the Galaxy S7.

Colossal Samsung Galaxy View gets puny $350 price tag in special Best Buy deal

Anyone remember the Samsung Galaxy View mega-tablet? It’s never been cheaper than today, going for $350 at Best Buy and eBay, down from $450.

Lenovo has an 18.4-inch tablet of its own in the works, with 4GB RAM and 2K screen

Taking a (weird) page from Samsung’s playbook, Lenovo is apparently working on a ginormous Android tablet with way better specs than the Galaxy View.

Samsung Galaxy View now available from Verizon with 64GB storage at $600

After AT&T, Verizon is the second US carrier to subsidize the LTE-capable Samsung Galaxy View, up for grabs at $600 on full retail.

Samsung Galaxy View tablet now discounted to $449

It’s a huge 18.4-inch Android tablet. But with the price starting out at $549, the question is: how low can we go?

Brand new Samsung Galaxy View tablet already discounted to $500

It’s not Black Friday yet, but the Samsung Galaxy View needs a trim to increase its wow factor in a Wi-Fi-only variation, and that’s exactly what it gets.

LTE-connected Samsung Galaxy View landing at AT&T with surprisingly low price

Somehow, the AT&T Samsung Galaxy View LTE edition will sell for the same as the WiFi-only version – yet with more storage.

Shatterproof smartphones, stupid-huge tablets | Pocketnow Weekly 172

The mobile world got a little crazy this week with the shatterproof Droid Turbo 2 and the 18-inch Samsung Galaxy View. Come help us dissect them!

Samsung Galaxy View pricing, release info starts arriving

Following yesterday’s launch confirmation, today news on Samsung Galaxy View pricing and release timing arrives.

Samsung launches Galaxy View mega-tablet

With the Samsung Galaxy View launch now official, Android users have access to one of the largest commercial tablets around.

The Samsung Galaxy View is still not official, but this user manual tells its full story

Curious to find out even more about the Samsung Galaxy View prior to the 18.4-inch tab’s formal introduction? A user manual lays it all out on the table.

US retailer reveals $599 Samsung Galaxy View price, more middling specs

It appears the gigantic Samsung Galaxy View tablet will cost 600 bucks stateside in a 4G LTE-enabled flavor, with a tiny battery and low-res screen in tow.

New pics of Galaxy View tablet show how Samsung expects us to use this giant

The latest set of Samsung Galaxy View pics to leak offers new insight into just how that distinctive stand might work.

New Samsung Galaxy View renders offer much closer look at tablet’s unusual stand

Newly leaked Samsung Galaxy View images sure make this tablet seem less like a portable device, and more like a desktop terminal.

Samsung Galaxy View gets FCC’s seal of approval for AT&T

The oft-rumored Samsung Galaxy View is most likely headed to AT&T with 4G LTE support in tow, based on a recent FCC listing.

Samsung Galaxy View name, overall specs, small battery confirmed

According to serial leaker @evleaks, the Samsung Galaxy View will indeed sport a 1,080p 18-inch screen, octa-core Exynos chip, as well as 5,700 mAh battery.
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Samsung Galaxy View benchmark data confirms big screen (but is it high-res enough?)

See why these recently uncovered Samsung Galaxy View specs are a bit of a mixed bag.

Samsung Galaxy View mega-tablet makes another regulatory appearance on road to launch

Samsung’s big new Galaxy View tablet keeps dropping more and more breadcrumbs on its trail to an ultimate launch.

Samsung’s 18.4-inch mega-tablet shows further signs of life

The long-rumored Samsung 18.4-inch tablet (which may arrive as the Galaxy View) makes a new appearance as it swings through the halls of the Bluetooth SIG.