First-gen Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 begins receiving OTA Marshmallow after all (Update: 8.4 too)

Samsung Netherlands gave us quite a scare on Facebook a few days back, but all’s well that ends well, and the Galaxy Tab S 10.5 is now scoring Marshmallow.

Samsung Netherlands says not to expect Marshmallow for first-gen Galaxy Tab S models (Updated)

Still holding on to summer 2014-released Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 or 10.5 models? It seems there are no Marshmallow goodies in store for you, sadly.

Last chance to enter the Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 Giveaway

It’s your last chance to win one of the most powerful Android tablets around, with our Galaxy Tab S 8.4 Giveaway winding down.

Enter to win an Android tablet with The Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 Giveaway

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New OLED-screened Samsung Galaxy Tab S models appear to be in development

With word that some new Galaxy Tab S models could be on the way from Samsung, we wonder how the OEM might be hoping to improve on last year’s models.

Customer purchases unreleased Verizon-branded Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4

A Verizon Galaxy Tab S 8.4 sale took place at a retailer (with pics to prove it), but the device remains unannounced. Here’s the mind-boggling story.

Samsung promotes Galaxy Tab S with Hunger Games tie-in

Discover how you can get an early look at the Mockingjay trailer through the new Galaxy Tab S Hunger Games promotion.

Galaxy Tab S meltdown: too hot for its own good?

See what happened when one case of Galaxy Tab S overheating went too far, damaging the device’s body.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S sales hit the US today

Samsung makes its grand return to OLED tablets with the start of Galaxy Tab S sales, going live in the US today.

Samsung divulges Galaxy Tab S pre-order information

Galaxy Tab S pre-order information has been published by Samsung; we take a look at when and where to purchase one of these new tablets.

Samsung announces Galaxy Tab S tablets with OLED displays

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S tablets have been made official by the Korean manufacturer, each touting OLED displays and powerful specs.

Here’s where to watch Samsung’s Galaxy Premiere 2014 “Tab Into Color” event

The Samsung Galaxy Premiere 2014 event will be taking place soon, to cap off an exciting day for device launches. Here’s where you can watch the event live.

Exhaustive Galaxy Tab S specs leak prior to tonight’s event

Before Samsung makes its new tablets official tonight, we’ve got another batch of Galaxy Tab S specs to check out, including some new developments.

Samsung tablets: more isn’t always better

Samsung tablets are a dime a dozen, and most of them are as forgettable as the last. Read why Samsung would be better off making fewer, better tablets.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S release date rumored in leaked retailer timetable

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S release date has been reportedly pegged, at least at one retailer.