Top 5 Tablet Wishes for 2014

There’s no denying that the tablet industry has evolved at a tremendous…

Apple asks court for Samsung sales ban

Will Apple be able to keep Samsung gear out of stores? Get the lastest info on its push for a Samsung sales ban.

Apple Publishes New Samsung Acknowledgement

After a lot of back and forth between Apple and the UK court, Cupertino has published a new Samsung-acknowledgement. Read about it!

UK Court Orders Apple To Replace Its Samsung-Related Acknowledgement

The U.K. Court of Appeal in London found the text “untrue” and “incorrect” and has decided that Apple should remove it within 24 hours and replace it with a new one acknowledging the inaccurate comments.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Review

Read about the latest 10-inch tablet from Samsung: the Galaxy Note 10.1.

Samsung Asks Court To Lift Ban on Galaxy Tab 10.1

We all know that Apple somehow ended-up winning the whole patent case…

Samsung Outs ICS Source For Galaxy Note 10.1, Tab 10.1, Tab 7 Plus

Download the ICS source for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, Tab 10.1, or Tab 7 Plus now!

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 WiFi Gets Android 4.0 ICS Update, Others To Join

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 was launched together with the Galaxy S II at last year’s MWC in Barcelona (mid-February) but it only just now gets an official update to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich

Did Apple Go Too Far In Warning Retailers Against Samsung Sales?

Samsung isn’t too happy that Apple has been contacting its customers and telling them they can’t sell existing stocks of Samsung gear as long as its injunction stands.

Judge Makes It Official: Galaxy Tab “Not As Cool” As iPad

While Samsung tablets may be ‘uncool’, they don’t infringe on Apple’s design trademarks, in the UK at least.

Court Gives Go-Ahead To Resume Galaxy Nexus Sales

While Samsung can now sell the Galaxy Nexus again, the injunction against the Galaxy Tab 10.1 remains.

Apple Posts $2.6M Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 U.S. Injunction Bond

Apple has been granted an injunction against Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 in the U.S., granted, that Cupertino has to post a $2.6 million bond protecting Samsung from losses in case the ruling turns out to be wrong; only then will the injection become effective. Make no mistake, Apple already posted the bond like a champ, according to reports.

Apple Manages to Block Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Sales in the U.S.

Apple filed a motion for preliminary injunction against the Samsung Galaxy Tab…

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, 8.9, 7.7, and 7.0 Plus Getting Official ICS Updates In July/August

If you have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, 8.9, 7.7 or Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus, you should expect the process to start next month.

Apple and Samsung Agree To Nothing Over Two Days Of Mediation

Settlement talks between Apple and Samsung went down over the course of two days on Monday and Tuesday, May 21 and 22, but the two giants have not reached an agreement, according to reports.

Apple Files Motion for Preliminary Injunction Against Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

Apple has filed for an immediate U.S. preliminary injunction against Samsung and its Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet, having a court order at its base recognizing Apple’s design patent (in appeal). The filing comes just two days before Apple and Samsung have settlement negotiations scheduled as a direct effect of a court order.

Samsung Updates ICS List To Reveal Status Of T-Mobile Models

Three weeks ago, we saw Samsung publish a list of just which…

Samsung Releases US Carrier ICS Update List; What’s Missing?

As the past generation of Android smartphones ever-so-slowly starts receiving updates to…

Will “The Next Galaxy” Live Up To The Hype?

Another year, another Samsung Galaxy announcement. This one’s not only the most…

Get Metro UI On Your Galaxy Tab 10.1 or Asus Transformer

OK, this one is for the power users that want to have…

John Sculley: Samsung Galaxy Tab, Only Serious iPad Competitor

Those who are Apple fans, or simply follow the tech industry, need…

Ice Cream Sandwich Update Schedule For Bell’s Devices Leaked

Our Canadian friends who are running Android and are Bell subscribers will…

Samsung Announces Ice Cream Sandwich For Some (Not All) Tablets

In a post on their Facebook page Samsung was “thrilled” to announce…

Google Is Rolling Out the New Google Play Market Replacement

Google yesterday brought the news that the good old Android Market (as…

Verizon Releases Official List of Ice Cream Sandwich Updates

So far, news about which Android handsets will be making the journey…