Samsung may be working on a new foldable tablet

Samsung may be working on new competition for the Microsoft Surface Duo and they could both launch next year

Samsung Black Friday deals are giving great discounts on Phones, Wearables and more

Samsung Black Friday deals are already live, and you can start to choose which devices you want to buy before they run out

Hands-on with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4

Samsung’s new Galaxy Tab S4 has a few innovative tricks up its sleeve! Take a look at our Hands-on for a quick peek at what this new tablet will offer.

Verizon’s refreshed Samsung Galaxy Tab E starts at $150 with Android 7.1.1

Priced at $150 on-contract, and $250 outright, the “new” Samsung Galaxy Tab E on Verizon stands out with pre-loaded Android 7.1… and not much else.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 goes on US pre-orders at $300

Launched in select European markets several months ago, the upper mid-range Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 is now finally available stateside as well.

Upcoming Samsung Galaxy J Max could replace both your existing phone and tablet

Samsung might be just about ready to give up on conventional Galaxy Tabs, but the 7-inch Galaxy J Max will try to keep phone/tablet hybrids alive.

Mid-rangers matter: Samsung Galaxy Tab E 8.0 scores Marshmallow on Verizon

Somewhat surprisingly and relatively timely, Verizon and Samsung join hands to send over-the-air Android Marshmallow to the Big Red-locked Galaxy Tab E 8.0.

Samsung’s first iris-recognizing device is the low-end Galaxy Tab Iris for enterprise

The Samsung Galaxy Tab Iris is likely paving the way for an eye-scanning Galaxy Note 6, testing the iris-recognizing waters in the enterprise Indian scene.

Samsung Galaxy Tab E now available from Verizon starting at $130

The cost-conscious 9.6-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab E has officially joined Verizon’s LTE-capable roster with Lollipop software treats in tow.

Would a Galaxy Tab Edge work? (poll)

Should Samsung make a Galaxy Tab Edge, a tablet with curved edges? If so, would you buy it?

Giant 13.3-inch quad HD Samsung tablet emerges in latest leak

Does Samsung have a new giant of a tablet incoming? See what we’ve learned about a possible 13.3-inch Samsung tablet.

Top 5 annoying things about Tablets in 2013

Let’s face it, tablets aren’t perfect. We’ve had numerous editorials talking about…

With a Nexus 7 out there, why would anyone buy a Galaxy Tab?

The Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 is still undergoing testing in our review chamber, but is anyone still in the market for the tablet after the new Nexus 7 release?

Three Reasons to Get Excited About the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0

The Galaxy Note 8.0 might be a crucial building block in Samsung’s effort to dominate the Android tablet space. Read on to see why we think it’s worth your time.

Apple Wins Stay On Samsung Non-Copy Notice Ruling

The fruit-company has managed to score a stay in the case, at least until October, when Apple can be heard in front of the court.

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