Sell your old Samsung Galaxy soon so you can get an S10

With the Samsung Galaxy S10 just around the corner, we’re teaching you how to sell your old Samsung Galaxy so your upgrade will be cheaper.

Samsung will bring Android Pie to Galaxy S8 in March, tablets next fall

Samsung has laid out its plans to update all of its Android devices to Pie. It will span 24 devices and take about 10 months.

Unlocked Galaxy S8 and S8+ now available at their lowest prices ever: $475 and $520

Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus might be old, but they’re certainly not outdated, still offering plenty of bang for your buck at $475 and $520 respectively on eBay.

80 percent of US consumers are satisfied with the iPhone X

It’s a big gap from the 97 percent satisfaction number as suggested by a third-party survey and the 99 percent that Apple suggests for the iPhone X.

Apple had a stellar Q1 2018 in the US, with six iPhones among the nation’s ten best-selling SKUs

iPhones completely dominated the US market between March and January 2018, with the 64GB iPhone 8 declared the nation’s most popular handset, followed by the 64 gig iPhone X.
Galaxy S7

Samsung ‘temporarily stops’ Galaxy S7 Oreo updates, US Cellular spreads the Galaxy S8 love

We have some good news for owners of US Cellular-specific Galaxy S8 and S8+ variants, but the Android 8.0 Oreo rollout has unfortunately been halted for the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge in the UK.
Samsung Galaxy S9+ review

8 million Galaxy S9 and S9+ shipments estimated for launch month, 14m iPhone X units during Q1

If the most recent Canalys numbers are correct, Samsung shipped 8 million Galaxy S9 and S9+ units in a single month, while iPhone X shipments totaled just 14 mil for the entire first quarter.

Apple captured 86 percent of Q4 2017 smartphone profits, 35 percent came from the iPhone X alone

Apple is the unrivaled world heavyweight champion of smartphone profits, according to the latest Counterpoint Research analysis, with the iPhone X proving particularly lucrative during Q4 2017.
Samsung Galaxy S9+ review

Consumer Reports declares Galaxy S9 and S9+ the world’s new best smartphones

Even though they don’t have the world’s best smartphone cameras or battery life, Samsung’s Galaxy S9 and S9+ sit atop the Consumer Reports ratings, ahead of the Galaxy S8, S8+, iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X.

At last, Samsung starts Android Oreo updates for US unlocked Galaxy S8 and S8+

Last year’s Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus have already been updated to Android 8.0 on all four major US carriers, and today, Samsung is finally spreading the Oreo love to unlocked variants.

Galaxy S8, Note 8 Always on Display now can play GIFs

There’s plenty of fun to be had with GIFs, but they also can spice up the idle moments when your S8 and Note 8 are sleeping.

Verizon and Sprint start their own Android Oreo updates for Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8

Hot on AT&T’s heels, Verizon and Sprint have reportedly begun sending official Android 8.0 Oreo goodie packs to their network-locked Samsung Galaxy Note 8 units.

AT&T is the first US carrier to send an official Oreo update to Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8

The last major US carrier to update the Galaxy S8 and S8+ to Android 8.0 is now the first to deliver over-the-air Oreo goodies for the Galaxy Note 8.

Samsung is working hard to deliver Oreo for unlocked Galaxy S8 and Note 8 ‘within the next 2-3 weeks’

It may not be able to pull it off, but at least Samsung is trying its best to roll out official Android Oreo updates for unlocked Galaxy S8, S8+ and Note 8 devices in a matter of weeks.

Android Oreo hits AT&T Galaxy S8, not apparently S8+

Android 8.0 has made it to the other carriers’ Galaxy S8 and S8+ units, but up until today, not AT&T’s. But at least it has beat out unlocked distribution.

Galaxy S8 and S8+ Oreo updates are rapidly spreading across US and Canadian carriers

Verizon may have technically been the first US carrier to bring Oreo updates to its Galaxy S8 and S8+, but T-Mobile and Sprint quickly followed suit.

Your Galaxy S9 will break on the first drop, even if it’s ‘marginally stronger’ than the S8

Deemed “slightly more durable” than the Galaxy S8 and iPhone X, Samsung’s brand-new Galaxy S9 and S9+ are still extremely fragile, according to SquareTrade.
Galaxy S9 Plus vs Note 8

Samsung Galaxy S9+ costs more to build than Note 8, slightly less than iPhone X

Samsung’s refined and reimagined Galaxy S9+, with its 6GB RAM and dual rear-facing camera, is almost as costly to manufacture as Apple’s fancy iPhone X.

Samsung finally starts sending Oreo update to Galaxy Note 8… in France

Today’s the day the Galaxy S9 is launching around the world, the S8 and S8+ are getting Oreo updates on Verizon, and the international Galaxy Note 8 Android 8.0 rollout is underway.

Verizon is the first US carrier to officially bring Oreo updates to the Galaxy S8 and S8+

Samsung is yet to update officially unlocked Galaxy S8 and S8+ variants with Android Oreo in many markets around the world, but Verizon surprisingly delivers.

Unlocked Galaxy Note 8 in ‘new other’ condition is a killer deal at $580 on eBay

“New other” condition simply means you’ll be getting this unused Samsung Galaxy Note 8 in a generic box in exchange for an irresistibly low $579.99.
Samsung Galaxy S9+ review

Galaxy S9 sales got off to a slow start in Korea, but global expectations are still high

Samsung’s Galaxy S9 sales numbers may not have exceeded S8 scores on their first day in Korea, but down the line, they should be slightly higher around the world.

Oreo updates are officially coming to the Galaxy S8, S8+ and Note 8 in Canada by the end of the month

There’s good reason to believe the Galaxy Note 8 will be updated to Android Oreo in several global markets by the end of March.

Samsung Turkey confirms very specific Oreo release dates for Galaxy Note 8, S7, S7 Edge and more

After a very slow Android Oreo updating start, Samsung ambitiously seems to think it can pull off major OS makeovers for the Galaxy Note 8, S7 and S7 Edge by mid-April.

Android Oreo is ‘coming in March’ to LG V30, G6 and Huawei P10 Plus, at least on one Canadian carrier

If the LG V30, G6 and Huawei P10 Plus can finally get official, stable Android 8.0 Oreo updates on Canada’s Fido network this month, you have to presume global rollouts are right around the corner.