No Android Oreo for Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge after all, and no more security updates either
Not only will Samsung’s Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge stay on Nougat for all eternity after all, but the two spring 2015 flagships have had their security updates terminated as well.
Samsung Gear VR with Controller launches soon at $129 total, $39 buys you just the controller
What the Gear VR was missing was a controller. Thank goodness we finally have that now as we have more specs, dates and pricing to talk about.
eBay deal sees unlocked Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ price plunge to $360
It may feel like a featherweight in a few hours in some ways next to the Galaxy Note 7, but at $360, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ is still a great bargain.
LG can’t help mocking Samsung over removable batteries (or the lack thereof)
LG’s trying to get a rise out of Samsung with its latest removable battery tweets – does this bode well for the G5?
First Marshmallow updates for Samsung phones reportedly ‘delayed’ for February
The December ETA hasn’t panned out, and neither will January, rumor has it. Instead, the first two Samsungs to score Marshmallow will do so in February.
Samsung’s getting a little lazy with its special edition superhero phones
After Samsung’s Iron Man Galaxy S6 Edge, this new Ant-Man Galaxy S6 Edge+ feels like a real disappointment.
Verizon finally comes through with Samsung Pay support on flagship Galaxy devices
Got a 2015 flagship Samsung handset and looking for Verizon Samsung Pay support? Today’s your lucky day, with updates for multiple devices incoming.
iPhone 6s Plus vs Galaxy Note 5 / S6 Edge+ (Video)
Apple and Samsung’s competing flagships have never been more similar – but they’re still worlds apart. Join us for iPhone 6s Plus vs Galaxy Note 5/S6e+!
Weak Samsung performance is expected for Q3, according to analysts
A weaker-than-expected Samsung performance is expected, figures-wise, for the third quarter of the year, according to analysts.
Samsung’s fast wireless charger for the Galaxy Note 5, GS6e+ goes up for sale
Learn what you’ll end up paying for the Samsung fast wireless charger needed to take full advantage of the Galaxy Note 5.
Samsung admits 128GB Galaxy Note 5 listings were in error
Even with that official 128GB Galaxy Note 5 evidence from Samsung last week, the manufacturer has confirmed that the phone isn’t happening: 64GB max.
Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ unboxing (Video)
If you’re one of the many users who enjoy the size and…
Unpacking the Note 5, S6 edge+ and gunky personal oils | Pocketnow Weekly 161
We get our grubby hands on the Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge Plus as part of Samsung’s Unpacked event. Also, a quick comparison with the OnePlus 2? Hm.
The weirdest thing about the Galaxy Note 5 is its newest accessory
While ushering us into the future with the new Note, Samsung stumbled into a vortex to the past. Join us for a look at the Galaxy Note 5 keyboard cover.
Samsung appears to also have a 128GB edition of the Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 edge+
This morning Samsung only announced 64GB and 32GB versions of its new phablets. So what’s going on with this 128GB Galaxy Note 5 listing?
Galaxy S6 edge+: hands-on at Samsung Unpacked (Video)
Who needs a stylus? Not this guy! Take a look at the cousin to the new Note 5 with our hands-on Galaxy S6 edge+ video.
Galaxy S6 edge+ hardware breakdown: official specs
After getting to know the Note 5, check out these official Galaxy S6 edge+ specs to see how its sister phablet differs.
The S6 Edge Plus gives us an idea of what a tablet with edge displays would be like
Samsung is set to announce some new products later this week at…
Galaxy S6 Edge Plus keyboard price, Edge screen enhancements leak
Two upcoming Samsung phone reports: one dealing with the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus keyboard price; the other regarding Edge screen enhancements. Read more!
The Galaxy Note 5 won’t necessarily save Samsung
The Galaxy Note series has been a major holiday driver of Samsung’s smartphone…
Galaxy Note 5 leak reveals device, retail packaging; Galaxy S6 Edge Plus shown off too
This Galaxy Note 5 leak we’re looking at not only reveals the upcoming device, but also its retail packaging. Oh, the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus is pictured too
Galaxy Note 5
Galaxy Note 5 microSD card slot might be present on dual SIM variants
The Galaxy Note 5 microSD card slot might only be present on certain variants, claims report, that will also have a dual SIM card slot.
Galaxy S6 edge+ keyboard cover leak brings new hope to QWERTY fans
Could this odd Samsung keyboard cover really emerge as an official Galaxy S6 edge+ accessory? We may find out soon.
New Samsung Unpacked teaser appears to add a tablet to the mix
Could this Samsung Unpacked tablet teaser be referencing the just-launched Galaxy Tab S2?
Latest Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S6 edge+ renders arrive courtesy case-maker
A fresh batch of Galaxy Note 5 case renders (Galaxy S6 edge+, too!) give us another pre-launch chance to check out Samsung’s upcoming hardware.