No Android Oreo for Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge after all, and no more security updates either

Not only will Samsung’s Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge stay on Nougat for all eternity after all, but the two spring 2015 flagships have had their security updates terminated as well.

AT&T sends Android 7.0 Nougat updates to Galaxy S6, S6 Edge and Active all at once

Android 7.0 Nougat is most likely the final major update for AT&T’s Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge and S6 Active, so you better enjoy it.

AT&T is back doing the BOGO dance for select Samsung and LG phone buyers

AT&T hits back at T-Mobile’s “best deal ever” by renewing its popular buy-one-get-one program for a few high-end Samsung and LG models.

Well, that didn’t take long: AT&T updates Galaxy S6 Active to Marshmallow

It sure took AT&T a long time to “optimize” Android Marshmallow goodies for the Galaxy S6 Active, but the 2015 rugged flagship is at last upgraded OTA.

Yes, you will be able to BOGO the AT&T-exclusive Galaxy S7 Active off the bat

While you weren’t looking, AT&T confirmed both the imminent arrival of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Active and its early addition to the network’s BOGO program.

Blass on Galaxy S7 Active: beefier body coming to AT&T June 10

Pretty much. But VentureBeat’s Evan Blass is telling of a Galaxy S7 Active that’s more like the Galaxy S7 than the Galaxy S7 edge.

Galaxy S7 edge, LG G5, HTC One A9, Lumia 950 part of AT&T BOGO craze

The One A9, the Galaxy S7 edge, the LG G5 and the Lumia 950 are just some of the many phones participating in this BOGO offer at AT&T.

When fashion meets ruggedness: gold Samsung Galaxy S7 Active rendered

Samsung intends to make waves with the design of the AT&T-exclusive Galaxy S7 Active, it seems, as color options should include a controversial gold.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Active specs revealed to include 5.5-inch Quad HD screen

The question is not if the Samsung Galaxy S7 Active is real, but when will it see daylight on AT&T and exactly how large and powerful is it?

Samsung Galaxy S7 Active shows up in the wild, fingerprint scanner likely on board

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Active looks even more likely to gracefully handle bumps and drops than its predecessor, at least in pre-release prototype form.

Samsung Good Lock goes official with custom lockscreen and notifications

Learn how the Samsung Good Lock app for Galaxy phones gives users new configuration options for their lockscreens and notification shades.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Active name inadvertently confirmed on Google Play

Whether you think it’s necessary or not, an extra-rugged Samsung Galaxy S7 Active is almost certainly in the pipeline.

Samsung’s new in-testing Galaxy Active may be known as the Samsung Poseidon

The next member of the Galaxy Active family may be in testing at AT&T under the Samsung Poseidon name.

Samsung appears to be working on a new Galaxy Active phone – but what is it?

We sure seem to be looking at evidence of a new Samsung Galaxy Active model, but is it a Galaxy S7 Active or something else?

AT&T will give you a free Galaxy S6 or S6 Active if you buy any Samsung flagship

The Samsung Galaxy S6 can be had free on AT&T, as long as you’re willing to actually pay for another S6, an S6 Edge, Edge+ or Note 5.

What if we gave up Pocketnow and had to pick our own daily drivers?

What if we had to quit our jobs as smartphone reviewers and go out into the great beyond with one daily driver for two years? We have plenty of answers.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Active finally gets a 64GB option – but is it too late?

Nearly six months after its initial 32GB-only release, there’s a 64GB Galaxy S6 Active ready to buy at AT&T.

Low-cost Samsung Galaxy Active Neo goes official in Japan with mixed specs

The Samsung Galaxy Active Neo is officially the smallest, cheapest member of its rugged smartphone family, at least in Japan.

Have we let fit and finish get in the way of features and functionality?

Too often these days, the fit and finish of a device can take precedence over features and function. But whose fault is that?

Samsung Galaxy S6 Active vs Motorola Droid Turbo (Video)

Each is the zenith of its respective carrier’s rugged lineup. Now see how the AT&T and Verizon heavyweights compare in Galaxy S6 Active vs Droid TURBO!

This might be the best phone for Ingress

Ever since Google launched its augmented-reality game in 2012, people have been asking “what’s the best phone for Ingress?” We might’ve just found it.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Active review, abridged: what’s hot –and not– in 60 seconds (Video)

No time for a full review? No problem. Join us for the 60-second video edition of Pocketnow’s Galaxy S6 Active review!

Galaxy S6 Active review: Samsung gets rugged right

After three tries, Samsung finally nails the durable smartphone. Find out whether it’s the phone for you in Pocketnow’s Galaxy S6 Active review!

Galaxy S6 Active vs Galaxy S6: more than just a little rubber (Video)

Samsung’s added armor to its new flagship to create one of the strongest superphones yet. See how it stacks up to its sibling in Galaxy S6 Active vs S6!

Yes, the new Galaxy S6 Active totally supports both Qi and PMA wireless charging

We’re clearing the air after seeing some bad information out there: Galaxy S6 Active PMA wireless charging very much works, and the phone isn’t Qi-only.