iPhone 6s is most bought smartphone in three continents
According to ScientiaMobile, Apple has taken 18 slots in the top five sets of the six major continents. Samsung has taken ten.
4.7 inches is the world’s most popular mobile screen size, Full HD leads resolution chart
Thanks mainly to the iPhone 6 and 6s, 4.7 inches is the world’s most popular mobile screen size, ahead of 5, 5.1, and 5.5 inches.
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Samsung’s performance slump may have it shake high management
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5 reasons the Samsung Gear Fit doesn’t suck as much as your nerd friends say it does
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Screen to bezel ratios matter more than you’d think
As smartphones continue to grow larger, screen to bezel ratios have become more important? How important are they? Read on to find out!
Geohot’s Towelroot will root Galaxy S5 on AT&T and Verizon, almost every other Android
Geohot’s new Towelroot root method can be used to root AT&T and Verizon-branded Galaxy S5 phones, along with almost every other Android device available.
The Galaxy S5 Active is the rugged smartphone you’ve been waiting for
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S Health review: our fitness adventure with Samsung’s Gear Fit, Galaxy S5, and a kayak (Video)
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Samsung Galaxy S5 review: good, but not glam
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T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S5 will only be available in 32GB variant online, as stores will sell 16GB flavors
The T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S5 will come in two storage options: 16GB, and 32GB. However, the carrier is planning on offering them in different places.